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The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Tragedy in the Andes (03:02)


In Peru in 1774, Spanish missionary Brother Juniper reflects on converting natives. He talks with locals; Miter asks if God can bring rain. Suddenly, the bridge leading to the chapel collapses, killing five people.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Search for Answers (04:00)

Juniper travels to Lima, hoping to learn about the lives of the people killed on the bridge. He meets Uncle Pio Benasa, a theater producer who took Micaela Villegas under his wing.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: A Possessive Lover (03:42)

Micaela sings a humorous song to a Lima crowd. Pio explains to Juniper that Manuel was in love with her; his twin brother Esteban hated her. Manuel makes Micaela promise to remain faithful while he sails to Spain.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Theater Protégé (05:03)

Pio teaches Micaela acting, singing and dancing. She becomes a successful actress but he is never satisfied with her performances. He accuses her of being distracted by the Viceroy in the audience.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Theater Patron (06:09)

The Viceroy is bored by a flamenco performance; he feels exiled in Lima. Pio reports that silver miners are unhappy with their wages. The Viceroy congratulates him on a recent play and expresses interest in Micaela.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Lovers Reunited (03:40)

Manuel returns from Spain and sees Micaela's poster; Esteban warns him not to visit her. After a performance, Micaela dresses to visit the Viceroy. Manuel surprises her in her dressing room; Pio tells him not to delay her engagement.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Change of Plans (03:14)

Manuel asks Micaela to attend the fiesta but she has an engagement with the Viceroy. Manuel gives her a dress from Madrid; she decides to go with him instead. Pio is upset.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Jealousy (02:11)

Manuel accuses Micaela of flirting with the Viceroy and does not want her to visit the palace. She says it is good for her career.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Placating the Viceroy (03:52)

The Viceroy is upset that Micaela has failed to come to the palace. Pio tries to make excuses for her and suggests that the Viceroy help fund her costumes. She would have to acknowledge a donation.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Sibling Tensions (02:58)

Esteban confesses that he never sent Micaela's letters while Manuel was in Spain. He tries to hang himself but Manuel intervenes. He says Micaela does not love Manuel. Manuel becomes depressed and leaves on a voyage.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Colonial Aristocracy (03:54)

Manuel sails around the world; Micaela misses him but accepts an invitation from the Viceroy. The Marquesa de Montemayor is jealous and schemes against Micaela. Ladies make disparaging comments about her humble background; she leaves.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: A Surprise Visit (05:16)

Pio and Micaela practice a duel scene. The Viceroy arrives, apologizes for his guests' behavior, and invites Micaela back to the palace. She pretends to faint, to avoid replying; he leaves. Pio coaches her on swooning.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: A Mother's Tyranny (02:18)

Juniper asks Miter about the old man who raised grain and consults the Abbess about the Marquesa. The Marquesa wanted her daughter Clara to marry the Viceroy; Clara eloped with a nobleman. The Abbess loaned her Pepita, an orphan.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Hunt for Gossip (04:59)

The Marquesa misses her daughter and mistreats Pepita. Micaela has left Pio’s management. The Marquesa presses him for information about Micaela and the Viceroy; he warns her not to slander.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: More than Friends (02:13)

The Viceroy tells Micaela he might be in love with her. She does not know how to respond.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Climbing the Social Ladder (05:02)

Pio visits Micaela and praises her acting skills. She refuses to return to the theater and says she is a lady now. Pio warns her that the aristocracy are false friends. After he leaves, she tries on an old costume dress.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Marquesa's Plot (04:04)

The Marquesa dictates a letter to Clara; Esteban swears confidentiality. She says the Viceroy is falling in love with Micaela, and asks Clara to influence the Spanish king to replace him with her husband. Pepita disapproves of her actions.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Aristocratic Intrigue (05:32)

Esteban breaks his oath as scribe to tell Micaela that the Marquesa is using her as a tool to plot against the Viceroy. Micaela asks Pio for advice. Pio writes a special song for Micaela to sing at a concert.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Controversial Song (05:21)

Micaela performs a song for the aristocracy exposing the Marquesa's plot against the Viceroy. The Viceroy reprimands Micaela for insulting the Marquesa and orders her to apologize to her.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Public Penance (05:11)

The Marquesa overhears Pepita praying for her soul. Micaela goes barefoot to apologize to the Marquesa. The Marquesa apologizes to Micaela for plotting against her and resolves to live a moral life.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Disillusionment (04:12)

Manuel offers to take Micaela away from humiliation at the hands of the aristocracy; she does not want to admit defeat. They reflect on life's complications.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Duel of Words (06:13)

The Viceroy surprises Micaela and Manuel and pressures Manuel into accompanying him to the palace. During a tense exchange in which Manuel considers violence, the Viceroy convinces Manuel to prioritize Micaela’s happiness. Manuel leaves; the Viceroy has him arrested.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: A Proposal (03:28)

Micaela demands that the Viceroy release Manuel. The Viceroy says she must maintain her position in society and asks her to accompany him to Spain, where they can legally marry. She refuses to leave Manuel.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Prison Break (02:10)

Micaela asks Pio to help Manuel escape before the Viceroy has him executed. She says she will return to the theater. Pio enlists trusted friends and rescues Manuel.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Uncle Pio's Wisdom (03:21)

Pio feigns ignorance of Manuel's escape from prison and suggests the Viceroy pardon him, to win favor among locals before returning to Spain. The Viceroy agrees.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Tragic Accident (03:20)

Pio brings the Viceroy's pardon to Manuel at the San Luis Rey Bridge. The Marquesa, Pepita, Esteban,Don Gonzalo, and a farmer start across. As the bridge collapses, Manuel catches Micaela.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Epilogue (01:35)

Pio tells Juniper that the Viceroy accepted the bridge's collapse as a sign that Micaela should marry Manuel. Micaela has returned to the theater and the Viceroy to Spain. Pio wonders why he was spared from death.

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This 1944 drama, based on Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel, tells the story of a group of people who die in the collapse of an Inca rope bridge in Peru. Starring Lynn Bari, Francis Lederer, Akim Tamiroff, Alla Nazimova and Louis Calhern. Directed by Rowland V. Lee. The musical score by Dimitri Tiomkin was nominated for an Academy Award.

Length: 108 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1944

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