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"The Last Time I Saw Paris": War's End? (06:31)


Charles Wills wanders through city streets before entering Maurice's establishment; he reflects on being in Paris two years earlier. Charles reunites with Claude Matine and meets Marion Ellswirth.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Ellswirth House (05:46)

Marion brings Claude and Charles to the celebration at her father's house; Helen is home. Charles reminds Helen about kissing him in the streets and helps her gather alcohol for the guests. Marion and Helen show interest in Charles.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Lights on in Paris (05:22)

Charles asks Helen to give Marion a message about meeting him at the arch; Helen meets him instead. The couple stays out most of the night. Helen tells Charles she does not care if he is not rich.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Long Shot (04:57)

Charles brings food and drink to the Ellswirth house. James convinces Charles to bid on a horse with money he borrowed; the horse wins.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Considering the Future (07:29)

A radio report cites the bombing of Hiroshima. Charles meets Helen at Maurice's before going to the newspaper office. Later, Charles visits Helen in the hospital—she got the flu. Helen asks Charles to marry her and stay in Paris.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Double Marriages (06:39)

Charles talks with James about marrying Helen; Claude asked Marion to marry him. Months later, Charles tries to obtain money to pay for the birth of his baby. Claude tells Charles he was appointed to the prosecutor's office.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Manuscripts Rejected (06:20)

Charles spends significant time working on his novel; he receives a rejection letter. Years pass and Charles submits a second novel which is also rejected. His daughter Vicki has a bad dream and seeks comfort; Helen returns home.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Helen's Antics (05:43)

Charles' editor sends him to the police station; Helen stopped traffic by jumping into a fountain. An artist paints a mural with Helen's image. Charles goes upstairs with Vicki; Barney asks him to cover a story on Lorraine Quarl.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Failed Marriages (04:47)

Charles interviews Lorraine and she asks him to dinner. Charles encounters Claude and Marion outside a cafe; the conversation is stilted. Lorraine accompanies Charles to the newspaper office.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Out All Night (05:32)

Charles returns home and envisions a conversation where Helen becomes jealous. Marion calls and reveals oil was found on Ellswirth land.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Wealthy Landowners (05:12)

Charles retires from the newspaper with plans to finish a third novel. James arrives at a charity event and tells Helen something is wrong with Charles; he received a third rejection letter.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Writing Struggles (07:01)

Helen finds Charles arm wrestling. Later, Charles struggles to begin another novel; Vicki comes in with a missing front tooth. Charles tries to convince Helen to go to a party and James introduces Paul.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": White Tie Party (04:35)

Charles drinks heavily at the party and Helen dance with Paul. Charles bumps into Lorraine and introduces the women. Helen asks Charles to take her home but he refuses and takes Lorraine for a car ride.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Insecurities (06:06)

Vicki serves James milk when he returns home and gives a glass to Charles who is hungover. Later, Charles finds Helen at the park and they discuss the previous evening. Helen wants to return to America.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Monte Carlo Race (04:53)

Charles takes Lorraine with him during the race. They crash through a fence and return to Maurice's where Helen is sitting with Paul. Charles tries to start a fight and Helen and Paul leave.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Discontent (04:54)

Charles returns home drunk while Helen returns to Paul's hotel; she learns Paul's real desires and leaves. Helen arrives home to find Charles passed out on the stairs. She walks in the rain to Marion's house.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Helen's Death (05:03)

Charles visits Helen in the hospital and asks for forgiveness before she dies. James tells Charles that Marion is going to court to gain custody of Vicki. Charles wants to return to the states.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Return for Vicki (05:55)

Back in the present, Charles considers Maurice's dinner invitation. He arrives at the Ellswirth house and finds James in a wheelchair. Charles tells Claude he wants custody of Vicki.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Confronting the Past (07:51)

Charles takes Vicki to the park. They talk about Helen and Vicki coming to live with Charles. Later, Charles meets with Marion and asks for the key; she refuses to let Charles have Vicki.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris": Family Reunited (03:33)

Claude argues with Marion about Charles and her need for revenge. Later, Marion finds Charles and relinquishes custody of Vicki.

Credits: The Last Time I Saw Paris (00:23)

Credits: The Last Time I Saw Paris

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This famous melodrama stars Van Johnson as Charles Willis, a journalist attempting to win back custody of his child. Much of the film is devoted to flashbacks focusing on Willis's disastrous relationship with his deceased wife, a wealthy heiress. The story is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic short story Babylon Revisited, with a few crucial details changed--for example, the film is set in the years after World War II, rather than between the world wars. Elizabeth Taylor stars as Helen Ellswirth and Donna Reed as Marion Ellswirth. Directed by Richard Brooks.

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