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Beauty: a Noble Ideal (03:12)


Beauty is a powerful social tool that transforms over time and drives individual changes. Laurent Turcot discusses the historical development of the cosmetic industry following World War II. Lili St. Cyr was one of the first entertainers to normalize plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery (02:00)

Rhinoplasty patient, Rosemonde, meets with her plastic surgeon to discuss cosmetic changes and explains her desire to alter her body.

ER and Cosmetic Medicine (04:21)

Dr. Blackburn explains how her practices impact patients' lives. She administers Botox and cutting-edge cosmetic treatments to clients chasing youth. Lydya Assayag describes what it means to be a cosmetic junkie.

Advantage of Beauty (02:41)

Working in public relations, Rosemonde is constantly exposed to the world of beauty. Being beautiful by societal standards can be advantageous. For women, beauty is directly related to success in love, work, and life.

Action Girls (03:39)

A cosplayer explains her choice to undergo breast augmentation and the positive impact it has had on her life. Beauty standards are damaging for men and women. A desire to be beautiful according to societal standards brings with it a willingness to be sexualized.

Social Media Medicine (05:52)

Many famous women have undergone plastic surgery procedures to be successful in Hollywood. Dr. Miami streams his procedures on social media platforms to impressionable audiences. Social media has altered human interaction and individual values.

Beauty Industry (04:57)

Josette Stanke, founder of the Montreal Cosmetology Center, recalls the climate of the beauty industry in the 1960s and 1970s and compares it to modern trends.

Changing the Face of Healthcare (02:29)

As the demand for cosmetic medicine increases, medical professionals are entering the field for profit and hindering the public health system. Follow a 20-year-old cold sculpting procedure programmed to eliminate trouble areas of the body.

Blending Science and Art (04:00)

Art and science come together in the form of aesthetic medicine. Modern technologies keep private clinics competitive.

Male Aesthetic (02:29)

The male aesthetic is a fluid social construct that guides male stereotypes of masculinity and beauty. Dr. Blackburn explains the increase in male clients undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Operating Room (01:21)

The cosmetic surgeon gives Rosemonde a quick recap before performing rhinoplasty.

Ultimate Project (04:00)

The focus on female beauty is a recent trend. Historically, the male form and masculinity was central in society. Observe a procedure designed to reduce hair loss.

Future of Plastic Surgery (02:59)

"Go Fox" allows clients to find Botox procedures with ease. Dr. Miami describes where he believes the future of plastic surgery is heading.

Conditional Happiness (02:06)

Follow a female cosplayer as she creates her next costume. Body modification brought her happiness but it might not be the same for everyone. Beauty trends change over time, thus shifting the definition of beauty.

Science And Beauty (02:04)

Plastic surgery can perpetuate a fear of aging. Plastic surgery will advance as far science will take it.

Beauty Is Unique (02:37)

Follow up with Rosemonde after her successful rhinoplasty. Josette Stanke explains that beauty is deeper than skincare and the reflection of beauty comes from desires within.

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Credits: Body A La Carte

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We live in a world where self-image has become an obsession, where we can no longer ignore the role that science and technology play in our never-ending quest for beauty and youth. Through touching and meaningful stories, as well as the testimonies of doctors and plastic surgeons, and enlightening interviews with experts from related fields, this program explores the increasingly popular and fascinating phenomenon of cosmetic procedures.

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