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Barter Island (05:45)


There are less than 25,000 polar bears in the wild; dozens descend on Kaktovik every year. Glaciers are receding and the sea ice has shrunk. Polar bears are stranded on land for nearly three months and scavenge meals. Scientists collect samples from bears and track behavior.

Vulnerable Species (04:17)

Polar bears have a high risk of endangerment in the wild. Bear activity sparked a tourist boom in Kaktovik; polar bears feed on the bones of whale carcasses. Robert Thompson reflects on the declining ice pack.

Sea Ice Availability (05:51)

Permafrost is melting and erosion affects the Arctic coastline; polar bears arrive in the area earlier in the season and stay longer. Rising temperatures affect the way of life in Kaktovik.

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Polar bears struggle for survival on the melting Arctic ice and move inland toward humankind. This ABC News film investigates the effects of polar bears descending on an Alaskan village and the race to save a vulnerable species.

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