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Introduction - Data-Centric Security for the Enterprise (01:42)


Analysts can collect and make sense of Big Data. This video features Trevor Smith and is intended to inform professionals on the latest trends in cybersecurity. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including how to implement Data-Centric Security, keeping critical business information safe, and future innovations.

Introducing Data-Centric Security (06:10)

IT professionals worry about not knowing where confidential data resides and migrating to mobile platforms. Smith explains that Data-Centric Security focuses on unstructured data. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent; types of attacks include spear-phishing and water-holing.

Implementing Data-Centric Security (04:10)

More than 80% of organizations will fail to develop a consolidated data security policy across silos. Corporations need to look at both insiders trying to get data out and outsiders trying to break in. New trends in Data-Centric security include a more open working environment and the expansion of digital right's management.

Tips to Help IT Leaders (05:30)

Identify the sensitive data, find where it is located, understand its use, apply security, monitor it, and improve the software. Individuals tend to act in random ways; search for a security breach if there is an unknown continuous repetitive action. The various states of data include data at rest, data in motion, data in use, and data in the cloud.

Big Data and Analytics (05:12)

The Data-Centric Security approach examines how data is exported and applies encryption on the downstream. Understand how data is used and who is exporting it. Solutions using data loss prevention and digital rights management are much simpler and more effective than in the past.

Conclusion Data -centric Security for the Enterprise (03:23)

Future projects include security vendors working together to protect systems and a renewed effort to protect mobile devices. Smith describes how Brite Computers whittled down The Sans 20 critical controls to five tenets of security.

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Data-Centric Security for the Enterprise

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Data, we’re literally surrounded by it. It’s generated by sources far and wide such as, transactions, sensors, electronic records, wireless devices and Internet searches. We collect it, store it, manage it and mine it. In fact, we have so much data we even came up with a name for it, “Big Data.” Now, we learn great things from the oceans of data we collect and mine. However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that this valuable business asset also needs some serious protection; protection from, attacks, hacks, corruption and insider theft. In this program, Trevor Smith, Executive Vice President of Brite Computers, discuss protecting data assets by implementing Data-Centric Security across the enterprise. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: understand the fundamental concept of Data-Centric Security, discuss why Data-Centric Security is a critical asset in the battle to protect sensitive information, and identify best practices to help implement Data-Centric Security in organizations.

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