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Introduction - Cyber Security: Let's Review! (01:41)


The end-user is most vulnerable to cyber threats. This video features Anthony Todaro and is intended to inform professionals on the latest trends in cybersecurity. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including types of cyber criminals and incidents and the role of IT department in protecting the network.

Cyber Criminals and Cyber Attacks Today (03:24)

On average a data breach costs $3.79 million dollars. Types of cybercrime include criminal syndicates after financial gain, those who perform corporate espionage, and Hacktivists.

Black Net (04:33)

Criminal syndicates operate out of servers outside the jurisdictional United States and sell data for financial gain. Todaro explains how a hack comprises three components: infiltration, aggregation, and exfiltration. Examples of cyber-attacks include brute force attack, loss of information, and phishing scams.

Brute Force Attack (03:00)

Criminals bombard the remote access portal with password attempts using rotating IP addresses. Hackers will import malware into the system network that aggregates data if it is successfully infiltrated. Zappos lost millions of customer records, but could never prove the stolen data was used.

Cybersecurity: The Role of the CIO and IT (04:10)

Deloitte LLP provided questions for CIOs to reevaluate security protocols. Todaro explains that good leaders must think proactively and prepare before a breach occurs. A malicious attack could cost time, money, and damage a corporation's reputation.

Cybersecurity Laws (03:51)

Cybersecurity laws vary by state; more regulation is being drafted and enacted. Courts have struggled with legal standing in civil litigation. Cases can proceed even if damages are being covered by other companies.

Conclusion - Cybersecurity: Let's Review! (03:12)

The number of successful hacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Corporations need to take action on employees who violate security protocols. Prepare a data breach plan so it can be implemented immediately.

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Cybersecurity: Let’s Review!

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Cyber-attacks and data breaches are still on the rise. So, in order to keep IT security on track, let’s take the time to review current cyber threats, as well as take heed of some valuable best practices to keep these damaging incidents at bay. By viewing this report, IT and business professionals will have an opportunity to reduce the risk of cyber incidents in the enterprise, helping to keep critical corporate data and information safe and secure. This program features guest expert, attorney Anthony Todaro, a partner at the law firm DLA Piper, based in Seattle, Washington. Anthony's practice focuses on handling securities fraud, intellectual property, products liability and complex commercial and tort matters. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: identify the classes and categories of cyber-criminals, discuss various types of cyber incidents, from phishing scams to brute force attacks, understand the role of IT and the CIO in protecting the enterprise network from a malicious attack, and discuss the regulatory landscape and recent court actions in regard to cyber-attacks and cybersecurity.

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