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Introduction - Yikes! Ransomware in the Enterprise (01:28)


This video features Peter Vogel and is intended to inform professionals on the latest threats in malware. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including its impact on businesses, how to prevent an attack, targets, perpetrators, and advice.

Ransomware: The Fundamentals (06:07)

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system by encrypting users' files unless a ransom is paid. Cryptowall is one of the popular types. Malware infects a computer when employees accidentally open suspicious attachments or click links in emails.

Ransomware: Targets and Perpetrators (04:03)

Protect a system by keeping patches up to date, use antivirus software, ensure passwords are strong, and caution end-users about downloading random software. Properly executed malware can destroy a business' records.

Ransomware: What Happens? (05:25)

Normally an employee opens an attachment or link that has malware. If it is launched on a company server it could impact other computers. The end-user computer's data becomes encrypted and a ransom is demanded through Bitcoin, which is untraceable.

Ransomware: Victims and Victimizers (05:15)

Small businesses are the main target; many people do not pay attention to spellings of recipient's names. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular to hack. IC3 is a national database of cyber-crimes and accepts all online Internet crime reports.

Malware Threats (03:18)

Educate employees not to open unexpected attachments or clicking suspicious links. IT needs money budgeted to protect the business. There is no guarantee your data will be unencrypted if you pay the ransom.

Conclusion - Yikes! Ransomware in the Enterprise (02:46)

Vogel recommends IT professionals' keep aware of new types of malware and ready to learn new approaches to combat it. Employees need to be aware of potential threats and reminded not open unexpected attachments or click links.

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Yikes! Ransomware in the Enterprise

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Ransomware is a serious issue today. In this report, we’ll bring IT and business professionals up-to-date on the latest Ransomware threats and offer best practices and advice on how best to deal with the threat if you or your business becomes a victim. This program features attorney and technologist Peter Vogel, a partner at Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, where he co-chairs the firm’s Internet, e-commerce, and technology industry team. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: understand the current Ransomware threat, explain the impact of malware on individuals and business today, identify the steps we all need to take to keep Ransomware threats at bay, and discuss typical targets and who the criminal perpetrators are.

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