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Introduction - Enterprise Security Update (01:54)


This video features Caleb Barlow and is intended to inform professionals on the latest trends. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including today's landscape, advice, and best practices.

The Changing Landscape of Enterprise Security, Cyber-threats, and Attacks (03:36)

Hackers stole credit card information from Target and Neiman Marcus' database. Barlow describes how cyber-attacks have become sophisticated.

Who Is Being Targeted and What Methods Are Implemented (04:10)

Watering Hole Attacks begin with infecting a simple system and then spreading it to larger financial organizations. At Black Hat, individuals demonstrated how to break into an individual's TV set. Hackers are motivated by impressing friends, for profit, as a protest, and for espionage.

Are Enterprises Meeting the Security Challenge? (05:09)

Venafi predicts cybercriminals will use digital-certificate-based attacks, BYOD compliance will cause increased security risks, and weak algorithms will cause breaches. Barlow describes why companies are creating a Chief Information Security Officer position.

Enterprise Security Today (05:50)

Companies need to implement protection for data, applications, infrastructure, and mobile devices. Nothing is 100% secure. Barlow recommends that organizations examine old applications using static and dynamic scanning.

Conclusion - Enterprise Security Update (04:18)

Barlow explains how corporations need to make themselves a more difficult target than others in the industry. Best practices include identifying a chief information security officer and creating a layered approach. IBM formed a new division two years ago to help protect its customers.

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Enterprise Security Update

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The saying, “two steps forward one step back,” might be an accurate characterization of the state of enterprise security today. Sure, much progress has been made over the years to safeguard corporate data and information. But, it seems that for every reported victory over fraudsters, hackers and the like, there’s news of yet another successful cyber-attack or breach. In this report Caleb Barlow, Director of Product Management, IBM Security discusses the latest trends in enterprise security. In addition, he offers practical advice that IT and business professionals can count on to help keep their organizations safe and secure. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: understand the changing landscape of enterprise security, discuss the latest cyber-threats and attacks, and identify best practices to help reduce the risk of successful attacks and security breaches.

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