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Introduction—IT Project Management: Best Practices (01:19)


This video features Wesley Higbee and is intended to inform professionals on running a successful team. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including challenges, selecting the right methodology, creating and managing teams, and advice.

Today's Challenges: Project Managers (03:22)

Corporations spend over $250 billion annually on IT application development. Higbee describes how project managers need to rethink their mindset. Projects fail because there was no initial justification for the application.

Selecting the Right Methodology: Project Managers (04:06)

Key decisions project leaders make include: the methodology, the staff needed, required skills, and necessary technology. Consider organizational strategic goals, business drivers, and project constraints. Agile and Waterfall practitioners tend to exclude other types of processes.

Methodology Challenges (05:53)

Agile focuses solely on software and project managers must examine a more holistic approach. Higbee describes how to deliver a successful project by justifying it and encouraging the team to see the whole picture. Manage project anxiety by understanding it happens, contemplating problems that emerge because of it, recognizing it will cease eventually, and changing behavior once you recognize it.

Creating and Managing Teams: Project Managers (07:45)

When selecting a team member, remember to be optimistic, give individuals an opportunity to shine, and do not assume they will make a mistake. Project managers should not shield team members and should avoid micromanaging others. Focus on the end result and not the process.

Conclusion—IT Project Management: Best Practices (06:03)

Higbee describes his inspiration for writing "Commitment to Value, How to Make Technical Projects Worthwhile." Understand how your work impacts and benefits your customer's customer. Learn about people instead of processes.

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IT Project Management: Best Practices

Part of the Series : Process Management and Improvement: Challenges and Solutions
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IT and business professionals understand the make or break role that project management plays in the success of global digital businesses today. In this program, Wes Higbee, the author of the book, Commitment to Value, How to Make Technical Projects Worthwhile, discusses the complexities and challenges of IT project management. Higbee, offers advice and best practices along the way that will help you deliver successful well run projects time and again. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: understand the challenges facing IT Project Managers today, recognize how to select the right methodology for a project, and discuss how to create and manage teams that deliver project success.

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