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Introduction: The Promise of IT Service Management (01:30)


This video features Mike Alley and is intended to inform professionals on ITSM. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including benefits, challenges, evaluating tools, best practices, and future innovations.

ITSM Landscape (04:26)

Approximately 88% of professionals surveyed believe that IT service management initiatives were successful within their respective organizations. ITSM increases efficiency and drives higher value to the organization. Platform toolsets on the market allow companies to focus on the functionality of their department.

ITSM and ITIL (02:58)

Information Technology Infrastructure Library provides practices for maintaining and managing IT infrastructure; ITSM implements that framework. Benefits include increased reliability, improve governance and efficiency, and reduce the cost of ownership.

ITSM Challenges (05:42)

Executives implement ITSM to improve internal user experience, operations-to-service-desk integrations, support for cloud migration, and customer experience. New toolsets provide a higher degree of functionality. Challenges include lack of executive support, forgetting organizational change needs to occur, and employees bogged down in process.

Selecting and Evaluating ITSM Tools (03:51)

Alley describes how platform toolsets provide integration between the functionality of the modules. When selecting an IT service management product, evaluate business needs and desired outcome, determine if already purchased tools can accomplish goals, and secure tools that will meet desired future outcomes.

Conclusion: The Promise of IT Service Management (01:56)

ITSM will become increasingly critical for organizations to adopt. Alley suggests learning desired outcomes before implementation.

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The Promise of IT Service Management

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The mandate for IT and business leaders today is to plan, deliver, and manage a high quality technology infrastructure that is fast, agile, and meets the business goals of the enterprise. To deliver this rather tall order, more and more organizations are turning to IT service management, also known as ITSM. In this report, expert Mike Alley, from IT consulting firm Logicalis, explores the benefits and challenges of ITSM. We’ll also discuss implementation strategies and offer advice on selecting and evaluating ITSM tools. By watching this program, IT and business professionals will be able to make informed decisions when it comes to ITSM in their organizations. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: understand how ITSM enables organizations to deliver quality IT services across the enterprise, identify the challenges organizations face with ITSM, and discuss the selection and evaluation of ITSM tools.

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