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Introduction: IT Staffing Today (01:37)


This video features Adam Bilinski and is intended to inform professionals on attracting and maintaining employees. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including current trends, challenges, advice, and IT skills most in demand.

Current Employment Trends for IT (05:49)

The rising economy creates challenges in attracting and maintaining employees. Current trends include: a candidate market, pay rates not increasing, and job seekers looking for stability. Bilinski describes how IT staffing is a more formal process.

Attracting and Retaining Qualified IT Talent (07:07)

Job titles that grew exponentially include IOS developer, android developer, social media intern, data scientist, user interface designer, user experience designer, cloud services specialist, and big data architect. Bilinski describes how to reduce staff turnover. Hiring the best talent and providing an environment that motivates employees are the biggest challenges.

Working with Recruiting Staff Firm (05:16)

Randstad hires many corporate recruiters, helps discover reasons top talent is not attracted to an organization, and identifies top talent. Bilinski provides advice on working with an IT staffing firm.

Conclusion: IT Staffing Today (05:28)

Bilinski suggests that job seekers Google themselves prior to submitting a resume and ensure that his or her social media presence is professional. Awareness of the latest technologies and networking is a critical tool. IT skills most in demand include Java development, big data, cloud computing, and mobile development.

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IT Staffing Today

Part of the Series : Process Management and Improvement: Challenges and Solutions
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CIOs, Human Resources, and technology department managers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract, hire, and maintain high-quality IT talent in organizations today. The much-improved economic situation today finds IT and business leaders clamoring to fill positions with the skilled technology workers desperately needed to help organizations stay competitive. In this program, expert Adam Bilinski, Regional Managing Director at Randstad Technologies, explores the current employment landscape for IT. In addition, we’ll offer our viewers helpful advice and best practices to successfully navigate the many IT staffing challenges of the day. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: discuss the current trends impacting tech hiring today, identify the challenges CIOs and IT managers face in attracting and retaining qualified talent, and understand best practices that will help reduce turnover, as well as keep the IT staff motivated and productive.

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