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Introduction—The IT Transformation Journey (01:53)


This video features Vince DeLuca and is intended to inform professionals on becoming a more service-based organization. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including how a next-gen IT department differs, steps, advice, and future innovations.

IT and Business Today (04:53)

Next-gen IT departments contribute revenue streams to their organization and are no longer seen as a support division. DeLuca explains the evolving relationship between IT and internal business customers. Traditional IT is locked down, controlled, and expensive; CIOs want to maximize efficiency.

Adapting to Next-Gen IT Departments (02:42)

CIOs need to sell the business on the IT's agility, must move to a service-defined enterprise, and examine the supplies available. The most efficient organizations have a combination of internal and external resources. Business leaders should not look at IT as a governing organization but embrace its changing role.

Transforming IT (05:44)

The role of the CIO evolved to include planning long-term strategic opportunities and business goals. The IT department needs to establish a blueprint to incorporate more Agile methodology in the future. Challenges include optimizing the existing base of technology.

Steps to Transforming IT (05:08)

Deluca describes phases to becoming a next-gen IT department including: implementing virtualization, converged infrastructure, automation, orchestration, and cloud-based service. Finance and customer experience should be considered when determining ROI.

Conclusion—The IT Transformation Journey (03:26)

Business users experience technology through personal interaction. Today's CIO needs to manage complexities, insulate business users, and develop agile practices. DeLuca advises embracing the changing role of IT departments.

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The IT Transformation Journey

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In an effort to keep up with the frenetic pace of technology and business today, many IT leaders have chosen to embark on what’s being called an IT transformation within their organizations. The process includes migrating away from the rigid and inflexible ways of the past and becoming a more proactive, agile, service-based organization—one that can turn on a dime to support rapidly changing business demands. In this report, Vince DeLuca, CEO of Logicalis US, discusses the key elements of the IT transformation journey. In addition, we’ll offer advice and best practices that will help IT and business leaders achieve their IT transformation objectives. Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to: discuss the relationship between IT organizations and their internal business customers today, recognize how today’s next-gen IT departments differ from those of the recent past, and understand the steps in a typical IT transformation process.

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