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Introduction—Social Media Hack Attacks: Staying Safe While Surfing (02:03)


Approximately 76% of online adults actively use social networking sites. This video features George Monsalvatge and is intended to inform professionals how to stay safe while using social media sites. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including the impact on individuals, different types, methods used by cyber criminals, and best practices.

Social Media Hack Attacks: Impact on Businesses and Individuals (02:22)

Over 2,000 news articles reported social media hack attacks in four years. A hacked account puts the device, accounts, and network at risk; cybercriminals use social media to help break into bank accounts.

Varieties of Social Media Hack Attacks (07:14)

One-third of enterprise security breaches are directly linked to social media vulnerabilities. Types of hacks include credential theft, name squatting, evil twinning, newsfeed hijacking, and data connection mining.

Notable Attacks (04:46)

Monsalvatge provides famous cases of hack attacks as examples, including Mark Zuckerberg and the NFL. Floyd Landis hoped to put a malware into the drug testing facility by hacking the employee's social media sites. Individuals hack for fun, for shares, forced follows, money, or trolling. At xDedic, criminals sell access to servers and software.

Methods of Attacks (02:42)

Monsalvatge describes Koobface, password changes, reconnaissance attacks, and shoulder surfing.

Mounting a Defense (06:16)

Monsalvatge describes how to improve your password. Avoid reusing credentials and putting dates of birth or mother's maiden name on social media sites. Trust and verify identities.

Conclusion: Social Media Hack Attacks, Staying Safe While Surfing (03:43)

Best practices include strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Biometrics will soon be implemented as a security feature.

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Social Media Hack Attacks, Staying Safe While Surfing

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The unprecedented growth and extreme popularity of social media is well known and documented. Pew Research, for example, tells us that over 76% of online adults are now actively using social networking sites. However, with all the praise and enthusiasm garnered by social media, we must still be aware of its dark side. That dark side belongs to the hackers and cybercriminals of the world who are determined to run amok with accounts of social media’s adoring fans. In order to raise awareness and help both enterprises and individuals avoid becoming attack victims, we offer today’s report, featuring interview guest and expert, George Monsalvatge. By watching this program you will be better equipped to safely and securely utilize your favorite online social media sites and applications. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to:  discuss social media hack attacks and their impact on individuals and businesses today, distinguish different types of social media hacks and what they are all about, identify methods used by cybercriminals to perpetrate these attacks, and understand how to defend yourself and your business from these attacks.

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