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Introduction—Social Media in the Workplace: Advice and Best Practices (01:36)


Corporations worry about privacy and security when employees use social media. This video features James Boyan and is intended to inform professionals on current issues. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including why employers need to monitor it, the role of the National Labor Relations Board, and how to enforce policies.

What Have We Learned Thus Far? (04:07)

Facebook recently surpassed 1.23 billion users. Using social media has gained popularity in the business world, but privacy and labor laws can be compromised. Consider all the ramifications to protect your business.

The Role of the NLRB (09:43)

Some employers social media policies violate the law for protected concerted activity. The National Labor Relations Board prosecutes private employers who violate the National Labor Relations Act. Corporations worry employees tarnish their reputation because they take grievances online.

Creating Employer Policies (03:50)

Compare the NLRB advice to your social media policy to see if it is compliant. Boyan suggests looking at issues on a case by case basis. IT professionals can give good advice to management about mitigating risks.

Conclusion—Social Media in the Workplace (04:21)

Risk factors include disclosure of confidential information, data breach issues, and regulatory compliance. Social media presents many benefits and possibilities for risk and liabilities. Boyan suggests limited monitoring of platforms and employees.

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Social Media in the Workplace: Advice and Best Practices

Part of the Series : Internet and Social Software: What You Need to Know
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In this report, James Boyan, an attorney with the New Jersey-based law firm of Pashman Stein, explores current issues with the “social at work” scene. We’ll learn about government regulation and oversight, as well as the current thinking on employer social media policies, to name just a few. By watching this report, viewers will gain valuable insight into the issues du jour regarding social media in the work environment. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: understand why employers must continue to keep social media in the workplace on their radar, discuss the role and actions of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and social media in the work environment, and recognize the critical nature of employer social media policies and how best to enforce them.

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