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Introduction—Cyber Ethics: A Growing Business Challenge (00:0-877)


The amount of computer crimes and cyber-attacks has increased. This video features Peter Vogel and is intended to inform professionals on the latest trends in cyber ethics. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including technology trends, challenges, advice, and future innovations.

Cyber Ethics: An Introduction (05:04)

Communication relies on the internet, cell phones, and social media. Vogel describes how people say things in social media that they might not say to a person's face; organizations are adopting social media policies.

Current Challenges in Cyber Ethics (04:52)

Computer behavior is almost impossible to monitor and puts a huge burden on the corporation. A business needs to know how the employees use the internet, if laws are broken, and social media accounts. If trade secrets or confidential information is released, they may be violating a state law.

Keeping Cyber Ethics in Focus (04:50)

Corporate leaders should have periodic meetings to explain violations in their industry, present employees with a handbook annually, and have employees acknowledge understanding in writing. Key issues include ethical responsibilities to the employer, how can it be abused, and common sense guidelines.

Cyber Ethics: Organizational Impact (05:59)

Vogel discusses how the chief technology officer needs to monitor social media, firewalls, and employee computer use. BYOD policies also need to be closely monitored. An employee gives up the right to privacy when he or she performs work on a privately owned device.

Conclusion—Cyber Ethics (01:56)

Hire a lawyer with a background in social media, the internet, and workplace issues to consult. If a disaster occurs, the lawyer can help protect the organization from liability.

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Cyber Ethics: A Growing Business Challenge

Part of the Series : Internet and Social Software: What You Need to Know
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Organizations today are trying to stem the tide of increasing cyber attacks, as well as inappropriate online behavior, by raising the level of cyber ethics. In this report, Peter Vogel, Partner with Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, examines this new area of concern and the issues it raises, especially for IT and business professionals. He also describes what companies are doing to combat this growing challenge. Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to: recognize what unethical activity related to the Internet is, identify the ethical challenges related to use of computers, recognize what managers can do with regards to cyber ethics, and identify the key components of a cyber ethics policy.

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