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Introduction—Eradicating Emotional Blind Spots in Technology Projects (01:34)


This video features Wesley Higbee and is intended to inform professionals on unseen pitfalls in IT projects. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including identifying potential threats, managers dealing with emotions, and the PEAR Process.

What is an Emotional Blind Spot? (05:50)

Many IT projects fail or are abandoned. Higbee presents an optical illusion and describes how a human's brain fills in what is not present. Emotional blind spots in technology allow feelings to dictate behavior.

Unique Project Threats and Common Blind Spots (04:34)

Project managers should consider politics, cybersecurity, downtime, and developer happiness levels when planning. Avoid pitfalls by recognizing that your thoughts may be biased and take advantage of other perspectives on the team. Systems cannot be 100% secure or reliable.

Are Blind Spots a Sign of Weakness? (04:19)

Emotions and blind spots can be an asset. Performing an action once can form a new habit. Higbee suggests exploiting the power of not getting your way in a business decision.

Emotional Awareness (04:28)

People who chastise themselves for negative behavior tend to avoid issues. New project managers should be aware of micromanaging decisions or blindly trusting their employees. Incorporating short-term and long-term project goals can help provide a sense of accomplishment.

Conclusion: Eradicating Emotional Blind Spots in Technology Projects (09:01)

Many problems with IT departments occur because team members do not have a grasp on emotions. Find a problem, educate yourself about the underpinnings, be aware of your prejudices, and react in a way that is more productive. Being aware of blind spots makes a challenge feel surmountable.

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Eradicating Emotional Blind Spots in Technology Projects

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The course discusses the impact of emotional blind spots in technology projects. The Cambridge Dictionary offers us two definitions of the word blind spot. The first being, “an area that you are not able to see, especially the part of a road you cannot see when you are driving, behind and slightly to one side of the car" The second definition of blind spot is, “a subject that you find very difficult to understand at all, sometimes because you are not willing to try.” But, how does this all tie in with our emotions and technology projects? Well, that’s what we’ll explore in this video. The featured expert is Wesley Higbee. Wesley, is the author of the book, Commitment to Value, How to Make Technical Projects Worthwhile. He has years of experience developing software and working with teams to improve how software is developed in order to meet business objectives. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: understand how emotional blind spots can impact technology projects, recognize the project threats and common blind spots you should be mindful of, and discuss how to deal with blind spots by utilizing the PEAR Process. PEAR stands for Problems, Education, Awareness and Reaction.

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