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Introduction—The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: An Introduction (01:55)


CIOs want to increase productivity, lower cost, and mitigate risk. This video features Leo Galletta and is intended to inform professionals on HCI. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including reducing cost, key questions to ask vendors, challenges, advice, and future innovations.

Data Centers: The Path to the Future (07:04)

Gartner predicts hyper-converged integrated infrastructure will be a mainstream technology within five years. CIOs want to reduce complexity and the risk of multivendor interoperability in data centers. Galletta describes differences between integrated, converged, and HCI infrastructures; organizations need to implement different strategies for private and public clouds.

Benefits, Challenges, and ROI (05:01)

Niel Nickolaisen describes questions to ask when selecting a solution vendor. CIOs want to reduce the total cost of ownership for IT assets; HCI employs automation, orchestration, and data optimization to drive down operational costs. Hear top benefits.

Hyperconvergence: Best Fit (04:06)

Mid-market customers with specific uses make ideal candidates for HCI. Challenges include obtaining a detailed understanding of pre-existing production applications and private cloud, and public cloud production. Evaluate current options available in the marketplace before making a decision.

Getting Started (07:00)

Galletta suggests implementation steps for customers migrating off legacy architecture and those starting fresh. Those who adapt to HCI can see a 90% reduction in data center operational expenses. Leading vendors include Nutanix, EMC, Cisco, and SimpliVity.

Conclusion: The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (02:57)

Best practices include understanding private and public cloud strategy and how the business-critical applications are performing before selecting a vendor. A tier one manufacturer of HCI reduces complexity and lowers TCO.

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The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: An Introduction

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Ask any number of CIOs for their top five IT concerns today and you’re likely to get some very similar answers. One that will likely make the CIOs list, is how to increase productivity, lower cost and mitigate risk in the enterprise data center. In an effort to capture even greater efficiencies, CIOs and IT leaders are now taking a serious look at Hyperconverged solutions to help meet their short-term and long-term IT goals. In this report, expert Leo Galletta, of Converged Technology Group, will explore the world of the Hyperconverged Infrastructure. By watching this program, viewers will gain knowledge and valuable insight into one of the fastest-growing technology segments in the industry today. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: recognize the challenges CIOs and business leaders are facing in their effort to reduce the cost and complexity of the enterprise data center, understand how Hyperconverged solutions can help organizations meet their critical IT goals, discuss the questions to ask prospective solution vendors, and identify best practices to keep in mind when implementing a Hyperconverged environment.

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