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Introduction - Introduction to Service-Defined Enterprise (SDE) (01:29)


CEOs and business leaders embrace SDE. David Angradi from Logicalis will explain to IT professionals current trends in the field. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including its impact on the CIO, the SDE environment, best practices, and working through the challenges of implementation.

Introducing the Service-Defined Enterprise (06:50)

SDE transforms how IT builds and operates infrastructure so it becomes as agile and cost-efficient as an external provider. Customers and organizations want products and services on-demand; IT needs to be aligned with business goals and the CIO needs to enable change within the organization. Return on Investments can be recouped quickly; efficiencies increase by 85-90% after implementing SDE.

SDE Drill Down (07:13)

Over half of CIOs and IT directors surveyed revealed that they plan on using software-defined solutions over the next three years; early adopters include healthcare and financial services. SDE allows organizations to grow competitive in the marketplace. A customer-centric approach empowers users to solve problems for themselves and increases efficiency.

SDE: Best Practices for Success (05:21)

A Service-Defined Enterprise allows issues to be resolved faster. Angradi compares the new approach to traditional methods and provides a successful case study. Best Practices include extensive planning, prioritize components, identify new technologies needed, and create a roadmap.

Conclusion - Introduction to the Service-Defined Enterprise (02:54)

Angradi advises that businesses put faith in the IT department so confidence can grow. If a business understands the improvements SDE will make, it will be easier to stick to a plan.

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Introduction To the Service-Defined Enterprise (SDE)

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A new day is dawning for enterprise computing, it’s called the Service-defined Enterprise. In this report, we’ll define SDE and explore why we need it. In addition, we’ll identify the challenges IT will face in moving to a Service-defined environment. This program features expert, David Angradi, Director of the Software-Defined Data Center Solutions Practice at Logicalis, US. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: understand the nature of the Service-defined Enterprise and its impact on IT, identify best practices for SDE success, and discuss how business leaders can assist IT to work through the challenges of SDE implementation.

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