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Introduction - New Tech Trends to Know and Understand (01:42)


Technology changes at a rapid pace and organizations must understand how their product will be affected. Benjamin Woo from Neuralytix will explain current trends in the field. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including challenges and best practices.

Today's Technology Landscape (05:03)

Anticipate new trends and implement changes before competitors. The cloud and data center infrastructure support information activities. Woo explains how the internet has replaced libraries; Neuralytix looks at information technology holistically, incorporating hardware and software into its conclusions.

Corporate Culture of Organizations (02:45)

Technology Investments must yield business benefits and the IT department must understand and support the organization's goals to drive new products. The marketing department needs to perform analytics to improve success.

Technology Trends and Challenges (07:02)

"The CIO Edge" describes seven leadership skills needed to create results. Consumer wearable devices will improve and technology companies will learn how to analyze big data better; the cloud is the biggest innovation in the past 20 years. Woo describes recent changes in privacy and security issues.

Upcoming Challenges (04:06)

Corporations need to understand that their biggest competitor is the Internet. Challenges include understanding the software as a service concept and delivering services economically. The IT Department needs to be broken into smaller units that support various business functions.

Conclusion - New Tech Trends to Know and Understand (04:46)

Big data needs to be used to drive business practices. Best practices include investing in technologies and break down data and information silos. Woo cautions not to be scared of technology and that mistakes will happen.

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New Tech Trends To Know and Understand

Part of the Series : Enterprise Applications and Architecture: Advice and Best Practices
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In this report, Benjamin Woo, the managing director of Neuralytix, a leading IT market research and consulting firm, identifies new and emerging tech trends that IT and business leaders need to know and understand. By watching this program, viewers will have a better grasp on what’s coming down the “technology pike.” More importantly, they’ll have an opportunity to carefully consider how new technology advances might impact their IT organization over the long term. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: discuss the technology landscape today, identify emerging trends that will be driving IT and business into the future, and understand the challenges organizations face as they deal with the complexities of technology change.

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