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Introduction- Exploring Software Defined Networking: SDN (01:25)


This video features Matt Goldberg and is intended to inform professionals on the latest innovations in SDN and its potential impact on the world marketplace. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including its benefits, implementation challenges, and best practices.

An Introduction: Software Defined Networking (07:45)

Goldberg explains how the networking virtualizes traditional legacy architecture models. Consumers want digital services rapidly deployed and on-demand. SDN reduces operational costs, increases the ability to leverage resources, and lessens time to market.

SDN: Success Stories (05:51)

Changing traffic patterns, consumerization of IT, rise of cloud services, and big data creates a demand for Software Defined Networking. SevOne provides a consolidated picture across the IT landscape. Goldberg describes how an e-commerce client leverages SDN so that they can spin up resources at different times of the year.

SDN: The Challenges and Overcoming Them (05:37)

SDN allows rapid deployment of products, increases application speed, and better manages computing resources. Goldberg suggests understanding the changes you will be making and the impact on the customer when transitioning; extensive planning helps rollout. SDN and NFV share a symbiotic relationship.

Conclusion- Exploring Software Defined Networking: SDN (03:39)

Best practices include slow and methodical rollouts and understanding the behavior of the new service. Goldberg appreciates the wide amount of deployment and new services offered in SDN. It will not work for every application or service but can improve many elements of services.

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Exploring Software Defined Networking:SDN

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Software Defined Networking, or SDN for short, is a new rising star in the technology arsenal that can help IT and business professionals to deliver capabilities that will leave traditional networks flat in their tracks. In this report, SDN expert Matt Goldberg explores SDN and discusses its potential impact on enterprise networking today. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: identify SDN’s IT and business benefits, understand SDN’s implementation challenges, and discuss how to prepare for SDN before it’s brought into the IT environment.

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