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Introduction- The Rise of Digital Business Today (01:31)


Many organizations are struggling to find a successful method to grow their digital business. This video features Mike Wilson and is intended to inform professionals on the latest changes to the marketplace. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including technology trends, challenges, advice, and future innovations.

Technology Trends Today (04:29)

Roadblocks to transforming an organization into a digital business include security concerns, integration issues, and budget constraints. Experiences are being more personalized and tailored to the individual consumer. Businesses are investing in flexible platforms and collaborative partnerships.

Becoming a Digital Business (05:00)

Typical challenges organizations face when transforming include a lack of time, lack of resources, changes to corporate culture, and having the right training and skillset. Wilson describes recent innovations in the transportation field incorporating digital business practices, citing pace and creating collaborative relationships as potential issues.

Accenture's Technology Solutions (06:00)

Accenture created a fare management solution to support new payment mechanisms. Wilson explains how flexible platforms allow corporations to reduce their operating costs. Transit Agencies need to create a seamless integration between tolls, bike share, parking, and bus rides.

Getting Started (03:52)

Configure software to take advantage of the ability to customize. Using already marketed software allows corporations to set up a cloud-based system quickly with low risk. Wilson describes how customers appreciate the Accenture Fare Management Solution for its seamless integration across different transit organizations.

Conclusion- The Rise of Digital Business Today (02:44)

Future innovations include sharing of technology across enterprises and additional types of devices. Ensure that a company's operations match customer expectations.

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The Rise of Digital Business Today

Part of the Series : Enterprise Applications and Architecture: Advice and Best Practices
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Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed the explosive growth of digital business around the globe. However, the path toward becoming a digital business has not been easy. In fact, many organizations are still seeking answers as to how to become a truly digital business and grow successfully over the long term. In this program, expert Mike Wilson explores the rise of digital business and offers advice, best practices, and examples as to how IT and other enterprise leaders can maximize the potential and minimize the risks when it comes to digital business today. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: discuss the leading technology trends that are impacting organizations today, identify the challenges enterprises face as they strive to become truly digital businesses, and understand how companies are using technology to stretch their boundaries and morph into a modern digital business.

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