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Introduction- Exploring Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) (01:36)


NFV will soon replace firewalls, load balancers, and routers. This video features Charles Kaplan and is intended to help professionals understand the latest trends. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including market drivers, benefits, challenges, how SDN and NFV can work together, best practices, and future innovations.

What is Network Functions Virtualization? (07:04)

Telecom service providers decided to cut costs by turning their network functions into virtual appliances. NFV costs less, takes less time, requires less equipment, and improves IT agility. Datacenters are becoming more flexible and dynamic.

Network Functions Virtualization: Mechanics (04:30)

A survey of IT professionals revealed that 39% were actively analyzing benefits of incorporating NFV. Kaplan describes how to transfer to it from traditional methods of hardware. Organizations like Amazon and Rackspace are beginning to implement the network architecture.

Network Functions Virtualization: Benefits and Challenges (03:41)

There is not a single standard, and several standard bodies are competing for acceptance. Implement NFV by creating a set of packaged menus and costs for business units, select a framework, and engage programmers. Kaplan suggests making it self-service.

SDN and NFV (02:33)

SDN began when students decided to explore new routing protocols. Kaplan describes it as a symbiotic relationship with similar concepts. Both help with cost control.

Conclusion- Exploring Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) (07:34)

Most NFV is open-sourced; development teams must be involved. Kaplan describes long term benefits citing reduced cost and product delivery time. Potential future innovations include becoming more enterprise friendly and broad adoption from companies.

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Exploring Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

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Network Functions Virtualization, or NFV, will offer network operators new opportunities to design and manage networking services that are cost-effective, scalable, and secure. In this report, we’ll introduce viewers to NFV, as well as discuss its associated benefits and challenges. By viewing the program, technology professionals will have a better understanding of its potential, speed of uptake, and impact on today’s telecom service providers and enterprise IT organizations. This program features expert and interview guest Charles Kaplan, Deputy CTO of Riverbed Technology. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: understand the fundamental principles of Network Functions Virtualization, discuss NFV’s market drivers and business benefits, and recognize the various challenges to broad acceptance and implementation of NFV.

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