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Introduction- Configuration Management Best Practices (01:47)


Configuration management is an essential part of the software development process. This video features Bob Aiello and is intended to help professionals incorporate CM best practices. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including why it matters, challenges, and advice.

Credits: Bartabas in Salzburg 2016: Mozart's Davide Penitente (00:40)

Credits: Bartabas in Salzburg 2016: Mozart's Davide Penitente

Challenges of Configuration Management (02:50)

Challenges include storing source code, technical platforms, build engineering, packaging releases, and monitoring the environment. Communication and collaboration among team members is essential.

Working with Development Teams (06:28)

A software glitch at the New York Stock Exchange suspended trading for 90 minutes; the configuration management team limited the amount of downtime. Focus on the team priorities as to what needs to be fixed first and make small changes. Aiello describes his keys for success and ideal team members.

Leadership and Changing Organizational Culture (03:22)

An effective team leader encourages members to make changes, addresses issues in a comfortable easy manner, and creates a safe environment to discuss errors. Support must come from senior management. Organizations need to welcome suggestions from its employees and encourage team members to admit mistakes.

Conclusion- Configuration Management Best Practices (05:32)

Best practices include change control and improving communication and collaboration. Aiello suggests starting small with incremental changes and the team will gain confidence. By focusing on training and rewarding team members the entire group will work more effectively.

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Configuration Management Best Practices

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Configuration Management has always had a critical role in the software development process. However, with today’s almost unilateral requirements for faster, better, more cost effective software development, you could easily say that CM’s importance over the past decade has increased 100 fold. In this program expert, Bob Aiello, a consultant and software engineer, offers viewers Configuration Management best practices that will help development teams maximize all the benefits that a well-run CM process can offer. This report is based, in part, on Aiello’s book titled, Configuration Management Best Practices. Learning Objectives: After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to understand what Configuration Management is all about and why it matters, recognize the challenges development teams can face with CM, and identify the best practices to keep in mind in order to fine tune your Configuration Management processes and environment.

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