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Introduction- Agile Application Lifecycle Management: Using DevOps to Drive Process Improvement (01:43)


This video features Bob Aiello and is intended to help professionals incorporate Agile and DevOps processes into their IT departments. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including Application Lifecycle Management benefits, keys to success, and best practices.

Introducing: Agile Application Lifecycle Management (05:19)

Sixty one percent of development and IT professionals surveyed are leaning toward Agile practices. DevOps has a set of principles that improve communication and collaboration. Agile ALM defines tasks that need to be completed and is a key component to becoming successful across the entire organization.

Implementing Agile Application Lifecycle Management (03:07)

Automate the Agile ALM process or it will become too unwieldy and do not forget to include all the stakeholders. Aiello suggests incorporating DevOps to streamline. Common misconceptions include trying to define all tasks; incorporate more controls as the project matures.

Why Do We Need ALM? (05:34)

Experts suggest getting to know your team members, selling the mission, excellent communications, building trust, and removing extraneous distractions to help keep a team motivated and efficient. Take a system wide view of existing processes to discover what needs to be improved and works well. Aiello describes how ALM helps prevents mistakes and discover security vulnerabilities.

Implementation of Agile ALM (03:24)

Aiello suggests holding a retrospective meeting post-project to analyze the team's efficacy. Recognize that pure Agile practices are not always successful; consider a hybrid approach.

Changing Organizational Leadership and Culture (04:37)

An effective team leader needs to motivate the team, be able to present different points of view, and reduce the effects of a silo. An organization will be more successful if it encourages members to learn and share information. If employees are not afraid to come forward when they make a mistake, the company will be more successful.

Conclusion - Agile Application Lifecycle Management: Using DevOps to Drive Process Improvement (07:02)

Best practices include working with all the stakeholders, taking an iterative approach, incorporating Agile methodology, identifying milestones, and focusing on transparency and traceability. Aiello recommends continuous automation testing and improving collaboration.

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Agile Application Lifecycle Management:Using DevOps to Drive Process Improvement

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Software development teams today have a mandate to be agile, flexible and cost efficient as they strive to meet the rising demand for increasingly complex business applications, rich in new features and functionality. In this report, expert Bob Aiello, an author, consultant and software engineer takes a close look at Agile Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps. You will learn why and how these concepts can enable development teams to deliver today’s multifaceted business applications successfully, in a timely and cost efficient manner. Learning Objectives: After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: understand the concept of Agile Application Lifecycle Management, discuss why it is a key success factor for today’s complex development projects, and identify the benefits of Agile ALM and DevOps.

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