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Introduction - Implementing and Sustaining Continuous Delivery (01:35)


This video features Chas Mastin and is intended to help professionals incorporate continuous delivery into IT departments. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including its benefits, challenges, best practice, and future innovations.

Introducing Continuous Delivery (10:55)

IT departments implement continuous delivery because it's quicker, a higher quality product, is more competitive, has lower development costs, and achieves greater customer satisfaction. CD changes traditional delivery processes like Scrum or Waterfall. Mastin describes core principles including making iterations as fast as possible and establishing collaborative team environments that take ownership of the project.

Continuous Delivery Benefits & Challenges (02:44)

Agile practices reduce development time and increases customer satisfaction. Mastin suggests holding governance meetings to plan project activities because there is no prescribed event.

Implementing Continuous Delivery (03:31)

Owners need to manage the backlog properly, and avoid overwhelming the development team by handing off tasks in small increments. Solve problems one at a time; collaborative teams that create a culture of ownership make CD successful. Recommended processes include peer review for all code and automated testing for quality assurance.

Effective Testing (03:00)

Without automated testing, huge backlogs will occur. Excellent quality assurance is essential for CD to be successful. Do not consider the process unless you have proof of concept, the development team agrees, and testing is in place.

Conclusion- Implementing and Sustaining Continuous Delivery (02:43)

Potential future innovations include programs that can analyze the product development life cycle and incorporating artificial intelligence. Mastin emphasizes that Scrum can lead to a better process.

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Implementing and Sustaining Continuous Delivery

Part of the Series : Understanding Today's Application Development and Integration Practices
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A report by the Standish Group, a technology research advisory organization, tells us that typically, 31% of software projects today get canceled before completion, and 52% can run as much as 189% over budget. With statistics like these, there’s little wonder why software development professionals are looking for effective alternatives to traditional release engineering. In this program, Chas Mastin, Vice President of Engineering and R&D at Control Group, a technology and design company, explores one such development alternative, aptly called Continuous Delivery. After viewing this program, technology and business professionals alike will better understand the benefits and challenges that CD brings to the software development process. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: understand the background and essentials of Continuous Delivery, recognize the benefits and challenges of implementing and sustaining CD, and identify best practices for success with CD.

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