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Introduction - Developing Applications in the Cloud (01:31)


Cloud applications are environmentally friendly, scalable, cost-effective, and resilient. This video features Vishnu Vinekar and is intended to help professionals gain insight into this rising software paradigm. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including its benefits, starting development, challenges, and future innovations.

Why Build Applications in the Cloud? (04:36)

The IDC/SAP study demonstrated that cloud applications will empower the end-user, reconnect legacy applications, and develop open platforms that will connect employees, customers, and suppliers. Cloud-based development differs from traditional methods because it is location independent and incorporates agile methods. Benefits include cost, scalability, and elasticity.

Developing Applications in the Cloud: The Challenges (04:31)

Bob Violino explains differences between cloud-based software and traditional methods. Vinekar describes how migration can be troublesome.

Getting Started in Cloud Development (06:10)

Developers need to be able to build interpersonal relationships and be an excellent communicator. Provide training and motivate the team. Vinekar cautions that some tools force you to use their vendor; begin with configuration management.

Conclusion - Developing Applications in the Cloud (02:14)

Potential future innovations include software companies opening up their API and changes in developer's careers.

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Developing Applications in the Cloud

Part of the Series : Understanding Today's Application Development and Integration Practices
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What rising IT paradigm is cost-efficient, scalable, speeds deployment and integration of applications, provides resiliency and redundancy to users, and is considered by many to be environmentally friendly? As you have likely guessed, yes, in fact, it’s the Cloud. In less than a decade, Cloud Computing has risen above the critics and naysayers and has become a gold standard of sorts for modern-day computing. In this program, Dr. Vishnu Vinekar, PhD., Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management at the Charles F. Dolan School of Business at Fairfield University, discusses the latest area to be impacted by the Cloud: the world of application development. After watching this report, you’ll be better informed about the benefits and the challenges of developing applications in the Cloud. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: identify the of benefits building applications in the Cloud, understand the requirements of Cloud development, and recognize the challenges traditional dev teams face as they migrate to Cloud.

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