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Introduction - Understanding DevOps (01:36)


This video features Bob Aiello and is intended to help professionals understand DevOps. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including benefits, challenges, advice, and best practices.

DevOps: An Introduction (05:39)

Puppet Labs and Thought Works conducted a survey that determined that companies that implemented DevOps have better IT. Aiello describes how practitioners get to touch all aspects of the system and the culture's history. DevOps can mean a group deploying their own code, a team that functions within the operations group who automate the deployment pipeline, or an organization with large development resources.

DevOps: Challenges (02:50)

DevOps needs teams to realize they need to work together cross-functionally for a common goal; operations and development do not need to be merged. Aiello discusses how he obtained a computer science and industrial psychology degree.

DevOps: Benefits (05:03) decided to incorporate DevOps to reduce the backload of development projects, boost morale, and improve efficiency. Benefits include fixing errors quickly, using cryptography effectively, being more deterministic in building systems, and providing rapid detection of unauthorized changes.

DevOps: Getting Started (08:00)

Speak to testers, developers, and managers to determine what needs to be improved. Create a thorough process that continues throughout development and operation. Aiello examines a combination of technical and interpersonal factors to determine whether a team can deploy code as needed that is effective and efficient.

Conclusion - Understanding DevOp (06:53)

Best Practices include shift left, ensure the deployment method is the same across all environments, right shift, reliability, and continuous testing. Creating a DevOps culture takes time; use an incremental approach. Aiello suggests that the team suggest improvements and do not assume everything is broken.

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Understanding DevOps

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We thought it was time to take a hard look at DevOps in an effort to increase awareness, understanding and to help dispel some of the confusion surrounding it. According to Gartner, the DevOps market is on a path to significant growth and is set to soon become "a mainstream strategy employed by 25% of Global 2000 organizations.” This program features expert, Bob Aiello, a consultant and software engineer specializing in software process improvement, including software configuration and release management. Learning Objectives: After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: define DevOps and discuss its origins, recognize the benefits of DevOps, as well as the challenges it presents to development teams, understand what it takes to get a DevOps environment up and running, and identify best practices to keep in mind as you ramp up your DevOps effort.

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