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Introduction - User-Centered Design (01:32)


This video features Rob Stokes and is intended to help professionals incorporate UCD into their software. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including its characteristics, benefits, core principles, and best practices.

User-Centered Design Today (05:32)

Companies incorporate UCD to ensure the Mobile apps, devices, and websites are accessible and efficient. Rob Stokes defines it as a framework of processes including contextual inquiry, participatory design, and usability testing. Spanning Software makes cloud-to-cloud backup products.

User-Centered Design: Advantages (05:07)

The Bant App invited feedback from teenagers and their caregivers who were afflicted with Diabetes during the design process. Key benefits include clarity of customer requirements, allow the product to match needs, enable a product-to-market fit, and keep your product on track. Any project will benefit from UCD but focus on the best opportunities to avoid excessive costs.

User-Centered Design: Core Principles (06:19)

Key principles at Spanning Software include: user interface should feel open, light, refreshing, modular, personal, and delightful, avoid using too many icons, and keep the user focused on priority items. Retain end goals of the user when designing software. Stokes describes the process of creating a UCD.

User-Centered Design: Getting Started (06:35)

Consider hiring a good design researcher who has experience, can synthesize data, and participate in the creative process. Challenges companies face is the amount of time and budget requirements to construct a research plan. Stokes describes an approximate timeline and best practices.

Conclusion - User-Centered Design: Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices (03:15)

Future developments include less formal relationships with customers to obtain faster feedback and incorporating changing technologies. Stokes advocates involving customers in the design process.

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User-Centered Design: Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices

Part of the Series : Understanding Today's Application Development and Integration Practices
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For well over a decade, UCD methodologies have helped shape the technology solutions and devices that touch our daily lives. In this report, Rob Stokes, Director of User Experience at Spanning Cloud Apps, introduces viewers to the world of user-centered design and discusses its benefits and challenges. In addition, we’ll offer practical advice and best practices that professionals can utilize to benefit their critical development projects. After successfully completing this segment, you should be able to: describe and characterize user-centered design, understand how UCD is impacting the design of systems, applications and devices today, discuss the advantages that the user-centered design approach offers, and identify the core principles of UCD.

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