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Introduction - Streamlining System Testing for Enterprise Releases (01:11)


Failed software testing can be costly, disrupt the business, and damage reputations. This video features Rex Black and is intended to help professionals make software testing more efficient. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including challenges, improving the process, keeping the team motivated, and best practices.

Testing Today: The Challenges (07:55)

Avon rushed production of its new auto-management system and website; the company lost millions of dollars. Current issues include ensuring interoperability between systems, coordinating data, communication between teams, monetary problems, and confirming the system works before incorporating it into the data center. Black describes the difference between a portfolio management and project management office.

Improving the Testing Process (06:36)

Coleman Parkes Research determined failed development projects caused a loss of reputation, customers, and functionality. Goals for testing include finding defects, reducing risks, providing information to management, and building confidence. Testers should examine functionality, non-functional components, data, users, and operability; Black explains the difference between collaborative and internal processes.

Getting the Team Aligned, Motivated, and on Point (07:39)

Project managers should work with stakeholders to establish defined testing objectives and build skills, set goals, and provide motivation of testers. Server virtualization creates environments quickly and an archive for the future. Performance and reliability testing is cheaper because companies can rent a production replica.

Conclusion - Streamlining System Testing for Enterprise Releases (02:33)

Success factors include incorporating cloud computing, establishing good coordination between teams, creating a collaborative culture, engaging stockholders, maintaining motivation, and avoiding acting like a quality cop. Implementing meaningful change takes time. Work towards a long-term vision of the company.

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Streamlining System Testing for Enterprise Releases

Part of the Series : Understanding Today's Application Development and Integration Practices
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The testing and release of enterprise solutions can be a daunting task. IT and business leaders know all too well that a failed effort can not only be costly, but can also potentially disrupt the business, and even damage the corporate reputation. That is why it is so critically important that thorough testing must be considered a top priority in organizations today. In this report, expert Rex Black, President of RBCS, offers advice and best practices that will help IT professionals to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their testing processes. Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to: discuss the challenges organizations face in regard to testing today, recognize what is required in order to improve and streamline the testing process, and identify ways to align and motivate the testing team.

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