Titles in this Series

Robert Winston

Item #: 145858

Julia Donaldson

Item #: 145859

Meera Syal

Item #: 145860

Jamie Cullum

Item #: 145861

Benjamin Zephaniah

Item #: 145862

Alison Balsom

Item #: 145863

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Treasures of the British Library

The Series Includes : Robert Winston | Julia Donaldson | Meera Syal | Jamie Cullum | Benjamin Zephaniah | Alison Balsom
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $1,019.70
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This series follows celebrities as they delve into the archives of the British Library unlocking masterpieces to explore their personal roots, passions and heroes. Each person discovers six items from the British Library’s vast and unique collections, from well-loved items such as Leonardo Da Vinci drawings, Jane Austen’s writing desk and Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony sketchbook, to the Library’s lesser known treasures including photographs, sound recordings and banknotes. The distinguished figures involved are jazz singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum, actor and writer Meera Syal, poet Benjamin Zephaniah, children's author Julia Donaldson, professor and television presenter Lord Robert Winston and trumpeter Alison Balsom.

Length: 267 minutes

Item#: BVL145857

ISBN: 978-1-64198-900-8

Copyright date: ©2016

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