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Rock and Roll (05:04)


Imagine if rock music existed to criticize African American oppression. Three landmark events contributed to its spread: Elvis Presley recording at Sun Studio, the first Beatles concert, and the Sex Pistols releasing Anarchy in the U.K. In the 1950s segregation and fear of the cold war are a part of the U.S. national identity; Alan Freed broadcasts a new musical genre.

Memory of Humanity (03:36)

If Elvis did not record the album, Rock music would have become the anthem for African-American oppression. White America embraces his music, but conservatives condemn it.

History of Rock and Roll (04:14)

Learn how the guitar evolves from acoustic to electronic in the 1950s. Rock transforms into a more acceptable genre. Beatlemania erupts across the world; The Rolling Stones are seen as the "bad boys" of rock.

Rock Turns Political (05:06)

Rock and roll music protests the Vietnam War. Jimi Hendrix plays the National Anthem on an electric guitar at Woodstock. Learn how the genre transforms with Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Metallica, and Kiss.

Rock in the 1970s (04:07)

Country, jazz, and the blues influences rock music. Andy Warhol collaborated with Velvet Underground. Punk Rock criticizes and rejects culture; the Sex Pistols release "Anarchy in the U.K."

Rock Turns Into an Industry (03:12)

Rock's influence spreads across the world and builds a counter-culture. Rock first appealed to the young, but grew conventional.

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Birth of Rock Music

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U.S.A., the 1950s. A climate of racism pervades society —particularly in the South, where it is unthinkable that whites should listen to the same music as blacks. It is in this context that a new style of music appears. Afro-American rhythm and blues is adapted, and the result is rock ’n’ roll. However, for the moment, this music is mostly played by black artists for a black community. Then, in 1954, Elvis Presley walks through the door of the Sun Records studio. The young truck driver wants to give his mother a record as a present, so he records two songs, pays $4.00, and leaves with his record under his arm. Elvis Presley is spotted by the owner of Sun Records, enjoys a meteoric rise, and brings rock ’n’ roll to the wider, white American audience. After the United States, England gives the new style its second wind with, amongst others, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. And then hard rock and punk make their appearances. The rock movement goes beyond the realm of music and becomes a faithful ally in various young people’s protest movements. A young truck driver looking for a present for his mother started it all.

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