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Ancient Origins (04:36)


Imagine if the Chinese arrived in North America instead of Christopher Columbus. Three landmark events contribute to Chinese psychology: the birth of Confucius, 80 women are given to the sovereign of Lu, and disciples complete the Analects. Civilization rose between the Yellow and Blue Rivers; China possesses a de-centralized government containing many local lords during "The Period of Springs and Autumns."

Memory of Humanity (04:16)

Examine how tribes grew into civilizations located near water. Qiu Kong begins his career managing the region's granaries but is promoted to Minister of Public Works. Confucius wanted to create an ideal government without corruption.

Confucius Ideals (03:53)

Imagine a traveling dignitary like Confucius traveling to world leaders making suggestions. All men possess an instinct to survive; Confucius teaches his own moral code to disciples. A neighbor offers the Lu Region sovereign women to occupy his time.

Turning Point in History (04:41)

If Chinese philosophy did not include Confucianism, its people would not have placed such a high emphasis on the welfare of the state over individual needs. Learn about Confucius' philosophy of education and love.

Ideas: Mightier than Weapons (03:51)

Confucianism is similar to Taoism or Buddhism; it explains a method but does not require a belief system. Children absorb Confucius at an early age. The philosopher dies at the age of 72.

19th and 20th Century (04:03)

When Mao Zedong ascends as Chairman of the Communist Party, he temporarily eradicates Confucianism. Many leaders subvert others' teachings for their own gain, but Qui Kong's philosophy prevails.

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Confucius and Chinese Thought

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China, 497 BC. The country is divided into independent, warring kingdoms. The struggle for power has rendered the situation unstable, and the ancient Zhou dynasty has lost its role as unifier and peace-broker. In one of these kingdoms, the province of Lu, Confucius becomes the Great Minister of Justice at the age of 53. The neighboring province, jealous of the progress made in Lu province because of Confucius, offers its sovereign 80 of the country’s prettiest girls. The sovereign of Lu completely ignores his duties and spends entire days in a brothel surrounded by these young women. Disappointed by such behavior, Confucius resigns his post as minister and begins a long march of meditation that will last for 14 years. The number of Confucius’ disciples never stops growing as his journey progresses to culminate in the creation of a new art of political and social living: Confucianism. Confucius’ impact on China is such that his legacy becomes a state religion that will not be abandoned until the 20th century. Confucius marked Chinese society forever. He is considered to be the country’s first “educator.” By interpreting ancient institutions in his own way, he sowed the seeds of “Chinese Humanism”. The debauchery of the sovereign of Lu provoked China’s greatest-ever spiritual upheaval.

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