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Birth of France (03:10)


France, England, and Germany possess strong cultural identities and customs. Three landmark events contributed to the creation of the French Kingdom: the Queen of Francs marrying the Count of Anjou, King Richard I shot by a crossbow, and the Battle of Bouvines. The feudal system originates during the Middle Ages.

Memory of Humanity (03:09)

Compare a democratic and feudal system. England, the Holy Roman Empire, and France dominate Europe. Eleanor of Aquitaine marries Henry of Anjou and dowers a quarter of France's territory.

Richard the Lionheart (03:04)

During the Middle Ages, England is ruled by Norman Kings who speak French; King Richard called himself "Coeur de Lion" and considered himself a vassal of France. The king of England opposes King Phillip II unifying the duchies into a homogenous kingdom.

King Phillip II Attacks (03:20)

King John unites with King Otto IV to trap King Phillip II. Phillip divides his army to combat the two opponents. Learn how knights pledge their allegiance to a lord.

Battle of Bouvines (05:42)

Learn about the strategy France employed to drive back King Otto and John's troops. German soldiers surround Phillip; French soldiers fight back and defeat its enemies.

Turning Point in History (03:24)

If King Phillip died at the Battle of Bouvines, England would have absorbed the remaining duchies. Kings know that they or their sons may die during a war; compare strategies employed during the Middle Ages and modern tactics. King Phillip can impose his vision of France because he fought nobly.

Nationality (03:30)

The power of the Baron is transferred to the king, uniting the duchies of France. By marrying Henry, Eleanor of Aquitaine grants England the lands that Phillip conquered. The Hundred Year's War follows.

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Bouvines: The Birth of the Kingdom of France

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The 12th and 13th centuries are the stage for several conflicts between Capetians and Plantagenets. And so the rivalry between the French king, Philippe Auguste, and the English king, John Lackland, was particularly intense. At the beginning of the 13th century, John Lackland is emerging from a series of military setbacks in France. He now controls no more than a tiny portion of the country around Aquitaine. So he gathers together a vast coalition, including notably the Germanic Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV, with the objective of annexing the kingdom of France. Subsequently, the king of France, Philippe Auguste, is surrounded at Bouvines. Otto IV knows that the death of Philippe would signal the end of the young kingdom of France, so he orders his troops to kill him at any price. Thanks to the bravery of his knights, however, the king of France preserves his life and leads the decisive charge. The results? Philippe Auguste carries off a resounding victory at Bouvines. Otto IV flees and loses his crown. John Lackland ceases hostilities and returns to England to save his. The Capetian dynasty emerges strengthened by the event and holds celebrations throughout Paris—the first demonstrations of French national unity. Philippe Auguste’s survival at Bouvines meant the survival of France itself.

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