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Introduction: Alexander Becomes Great (04:20)


Every province travels to Alexandria to witness the 325th Olympic games. A thousand years earlier, Alexander the Great failed in uniting the world under his Greco-Persian reign; two years after the murder of Phillip II of Macedon, Alexander narrowly escapes dying. Compare philosophical differences between the Greeks and Persians during Antiquity.

Memory of Humanity (04:16)

Compare Greek and American versions of Democracy; citizens in Athens are male, free, and independently wealthy. When King Phillip II of Macedon ascends the throne, he decides to unite the cities of Greece and pillage the Persian Empire. Alexander watches a personal guard murder his father.

Battle Strategies (03:01)

Compare differences in combat strategies between Greeks and Persians. Greeks gather in phalanxes and are accompanied by cavalry in a "hammer and anvil tactic." Alexander vanquishes and razes Thebes to the ground when the city revolts.

Attacking Persia (02:48)

Alexander crosses the sea and attacks Asia at the Battle of Granicus; after he achieves victory his army marches to Halicarnassus, Miletus, and Issius. King Darius flees and is murdered. After conquering the empire, Alexander welcomes Persians into the military.

Incorporating Persian Customs (03:40)

Alexander wants to unify the Greeks and the Persians. Parmenion and Cleitus grow critical of Alexander's rule. Generals suggest that the king returns to Macedon to rest before attacking Italy.

Alexander Invades India (02:56)

If Alexander decided to return to Greece, the Roman Empire never would have risen. Kairos occurs when an individual makes the right choice at the correct time. The army revolts and refuses to continue after the Battle of Hydaspes.

Tyrant or Humorist? (04:18)

Alexander succumbs to fever and dies; the generals assassinate the King's son and tear apart the kingdom. The Roman Empire rises in prominence. Historians need to remain as objective as possible and understand how interpretations change.

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Alexander Becomes Great

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4th century BC. Alexander III of Macedonia has just unified all the cities of Greece. He then embarks on a punitive expedition against Persia. With Egypt conquered and Alexandria founded, Alexander invades the vast Persian Empire of Darius III. Although greatly outnumbered, his troops win victory after victory. After Babylon, Alexander seizes the capital, Persepolis, and Darius is assassinated as he tries to flee. The victory by Alexander, henceforth known as the Great, is total. He steps into history and is now master of the entire known world. Alexander’s generals plead with him to pause before undertaking a fresh campaign: the troops are exhausted. Against all advice, Alexander decides to go on and launches his troops towards India. But the conquest of India is a conquest too far. After yet another victory, the Macedonian army categorically refuses to continue. Even the veterans have had enough. Alexander must resign himself to withdraw—and, stricken with fever during the return journey, he dies at just 33 years of age. A single wrong decision settled the destiny of Alexander the Great.

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