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Giant Panda (10:08)


Giant pandas are elusive and restricted to six mountain ranges. As a result of their low energy diet, they give birth to the smallest mammal babies; breeding in captivity is difficult. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and Kermit Roosevelt were the first westerners to shoot a panda.

Kiwi, a Flightless Bird (10:04)

Kiwis lay the biggest eggs of any bird in proportion to body size. George Shaw was the first European to examine and describe a kiwi; Prof. Richard Owen suggested kiwis were closely related to ratites. Studies reveals that kiwis are closely related to flightless birds in Africa.

Credits: Extreme Babies (00:32)

Credits: Extreme Babies

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The giant panda gives birth to the smallest baby of any mammal and has to care for and protect it for many months. The kiwi lays one of the largest eggs in the bird world, which produces a very well developed chick. Why don’t pandas give birth to more developed, robust young, and why do kiwis produce a single egg that is a quarter of its body mass and almost too big to lay?

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