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Introduction— Convenience: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2 (02:55)


Gregg Wallace and Babita Sharma will explore the way supermarkets manipulate labels and trends to keep ahead of competition. Consumers want easier foods that are quicker to make.

Mexican Frozen Foods (05:08)

Humans buy 3.5 million ready to eat meals every day. Paul Dempsey and Ben Warren attempt to create a tinga, a habanero, and a chicken mole prepared meal. Learn how to prepare authentic mole.

Convenience Food Market (06:20)

The demand for easy to eat citrus fruits such as tangerines, clementines, and satsumas has grown exponentially in recent years. Sharma meets the produce developer from Waitrose to check on the most recent harvest. Spanish suppliers attempt to create a new varietal that has great flavor, no seeds, and is easy to peel.

Time Poor Nation (06:57)

Supermarkets realize that consumers are turned off by food that appears to take copious amounts of time. Robin Brown oversees a machine that fillets over 16,000 salmon a day. Alison Anderson created a machine to inject brine for greater flavor.

Roast Beef (08:08)

Ready-to-cook meals are a hybrid between cooking your own dinner and a frozen meal. Ollie Redmond, technical manager for meat, inspects a factory creating a new Moroccan Lamb Stew that takes 30 minutes of cooking at home; they sous vide the stew to ensure moisture remains intact.

Convenience Stores (04:33)

CACI analyzes neighborhoods using the land registry, government benefits database, and other public records to determine the best location for a new convenience store. Because rents and costs are higher in these areas, consumers should expect a minimum 10% increase over traditional supermarkets.

Uber-Market App (05:41)

The average individual spends 45 minutes a week shopping. Will Broom created an app that tells you where the items on a shopping list are located within the store and provide instant checkout. Sharma and a married couple test it out.

Pain-Free Shopping (04:19)

Neurologist Jane Latin studies subconscious emotional responses consumers have to products. Sharma undergoes testing that measures her EEG and eye movements. Simpler packaging appeals to consumers in a subconscious manner.

New Ready-to-Eat Meal (06:59)

Dempsey conducts a trial run of his chicken habanero ready-meal. Wallace needs to wear goggles and rubber gloves. Lisa Colony runs a taste-test with co-ops workers.

Credits: Convenience: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2 (00:32)

Credits: Convenience: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2

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Convenience: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2

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Gregg Wallace and Babita Sharma go behind the scenes of UK's leading supermarkets. When it comes to food shopping, we now want food that is quicker, easier, and more fool-proof than ever before. Our need for ease means we now spend more than $13 billion a year on pre-prepared convenience foods. So it’s no surprise the supermarkets are fighting for a piece of this fast-growing market. As the supermarkets battle to win the convenience war, there’s one market everyone wants a slice of. It’s the undisputed king of convenience food, worth more than $4 billion a year. To compete for our cash, the supermarkets launch hundreds of new ready-to-eat meals every year. But to stand out in a crowded market, their new meals have to grab our attention so they often take inspiration from Main Street.

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