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Health: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2: Introduction (03:14)


Gregg Wallace and Babita Sharma will explore the way supermarkets manipulate labels and trends to keep ahead of competition. Consumers are willing to pay more for food if it is perceived to be healthy.

Making Burgers Healthy (06:09)

At Iceland's experimental kitchen, Neal Nugent attempts to create a healthier burger. Using miso powder or glutamate can lower the salt content. Pippa Hawkins takes Nugent's recipe and mass produces it.

"Free From" Foods (04:26)

Thousands choose foods without dairy or gluten because they believe it is better for them. Sainsbury's Alexa Masterson-Jones wants to make a healthier lasagna. Makayla Andriani makes gluten-free lasagna sheets.

Healthier Cereal (03:56)

Tesco has reduced the salt content in its cornflakes by reformulation. Government guidelines stipulate a reduction in salt.

Alcohol Free-Wine (06:36)

Alcohol has been linked to liver and heart disease. James Davis of Tesco describes difficulties in producing a vintage without alcohol. Stefan Marx makes wine from normal alcohol.

Packaging Products (03:43)

Food manufacturers bend label laws to make products appear healthier. Richard Hyde explains how "natural" and "good" are unregulated by the government. Terms that are regulated include "low fat," "low sugar," and "high in fiber."

Healthier Burger (04:17)

Iceland conducts a taste-test between leading burgers on the marketplace and Nugent's miso-burger. Wallace goes to a grocery store the first day the burgers are on sale.

Healthier Lasagna (04:23)

Masterson-Jones explains how coconut milk helped create a dairy-free bechamel sauce and cheese topping. Sharma tastes the product and can tell the difference, but is impressed that it contains neither wheat nor dairy.

Zoodle Craze (07:01)

Packages of spiralized zucchini cost twice as much as the intact vegetable; it is a big business in grocery stores. Georgina Lund Suffolk and Keston Williams describe specialty machinery built to keep up with consumer demand. Wallace attempts to get the correct amount of zoodles into a bag.

Is the Next Big Craze Meats? (07:36)

Processed meats are linked to heart disease and cancer. Finnebrogue and Marks and Spencer attempt to create a low fat sausage using molecular gastronomy. Emma Kuriston states the secret is adding in the ingredients in a specific order.

Credits: Health: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2 (00:34)

Credits: Health: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2

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Health: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2

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Gregg Wallace and journalist Babita Sharma get the inside track on the latest tactics in the supermarket wars to help us stay one step ahead. This time, they're looking at one of the biggest battlegrounds: health. Gregg discovers the exotic ingredient being used to produce a healthier burger and goes on the trail of a major health trend: spiralized vegetables. Meanwhile, Babita finds out how we're being manipulated by food health labels.

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