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War: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2: Introduction (02:57)


Gregg Wallace and Babita Sharma will explore the way supermarkets use science to keep ahead of competition. Over the past year, Tesco and Sainsbury lost revenue while bargain grocery stores, Lidl and Aldi, had a considerable rise in profits.

Desire for Avocados (05:33)

Britain spends more on avocados than oranges. Damien Gray color-codes ASDA's produce to describe ripeness. Learn how a machine determines poor produce and grade.

High End Bargains (07:44)

Discount supermarkets sell champagne and lobster to break into the luxury market. Rebecca Stenson convinced Iceland to create a handmade dessert for Christmas. Trained patisseries who make igloos using liquid nitrogen.

Loyalty Rewards (07:42)

Markets create their own brand of Prosecco to help retain customer loyalty. Lisa Rogerson oversees the grape harvest for Sainsbury to ensure consistency. Learn how winemakers blend different casks of fermented grapes to achieve optimal results.

Igloo Sales (05:36)

Stenson oversees filming for the igloo dessert commercial and investigates rivals for high-end products. After New Year's, the brand manager learns that the igloo was the number one selling frozen dessert on the market. Now, Iceland needs to come up with the next big Christmas dessert.

Producing Beef Cheaper (05:28)

Morrisons collaborated with scientists and farmers to discover which animals are more efficient for breeding purposes; feed accounts for 70% of costs. Learn how they monitor feed intake, quality of meat, and weight using advanced technology.

Target Big Spenders (06:24)

Adults aged 16-35 spend the most money in a supermarket; 90% of those use social media daily. Learn how supermarkets manipulate social media to target consumers. Tesco grew Carolina Reapers to boast that they sell the hottest chili in Great Britain.

Supermarket Data Gatherers (03:31)

Supermarkets use loyalty and credit card data to analyze what shoppers spend money on. Tom Berry describes how Wi-Fi hotspots will track what areas of a market people visit. Mike Watkins helps stores analyze Nielson ratings.

Supermarket Wars (05:13)

All the supermarkets in the U.K. signed up for a government approved program on reducing waste. ASDA and Tesco sell less than perfect vegetables at a discounted rate. Sainsbury's provides consumers with food waste application.

Credits: War: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2 (00:35)

Credits: War: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2

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War: Supermarket Secrets, Series 2

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In this program: Gregg Wallace discovers the high-tech acoustic equipment being used to get an edge in the battle to bring us a perfect avocado; a look at what's happening on the new battlefield of luxury products on a budget; and Babita Sharma uncovers what we can learn from supermarket data gatherers.

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