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Studying Sunfish (03:30)


Dr. Tierney Thys has studied sunfish above the surface of the water, but now she will go with submersible pilot Mark Taylor to find and survey the fish beneath the ocean's surface.

Sunfish at Depth (06:35)

Liz Bonnin joins submersible pilot Taylor and Thys as they dive deep into the ocean surrounding the Galapagos Islands in order to observe sunfish. The team also travels to the ocean floor to drop a receiver for further sunfish research.

El Nino's Disruption (04:24)

Dr. Pelayo Salinas De Leon of the Charles Darwin Foundation sets out to study the sea lions of the Galapagos Islands. The team monitors the number of sea lion pups in order to understand the health of the species; the violent weather phenomenon El Nino drastically affects the underwater currents.

Examples of Adaptation (02:17)

The flightless cormorant in the Galapagos is one of the world’s rarest birds and is a powerful diver. The bird’s diverse diet allows it to survive during times of crisis; the cold ocean currents return to the islands, bringing an ample food supply.

Studying Endangered Species (03:51)

Around the Wolf and Darwin Islands the team focuses on the endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks which congregate densely in the area.

Tagging Hammerhead Sharks (04:13)

Bonnin observes Dr. Cesar Penaherrera as he free dives in order to tag the hammerhead sharks for research purposes.

Diving Mission (04:08)

Above the surface, the team prepares for the risky dive to study hammerheads in the submersible. There are no hammerheads in sight on the seafloor, but Bonnin spots a huge grouping of spider crabs huddling away from predators.

Shark Point's Underwater Currents (05:26)

The team travels beneath the surface of the ocean to study the hammerhead sharks in their most frequented area. However, the currents are too strong in this area and Taylor is forced to resurface the submersibles.

Underwater Camera Placement (04:13)

Hammerheads often leave the area at night and return in the morning to feed while the ocean teams with life; dive master Steve Hudson delivers the bad news that the underwater currents remain too strong for another submersible diving attempt. Instead, the team will scuba dive at the iconic Darwin’s Arch.

Diving With Hammerheads (08:01)

The hammerheads are startled by the noise and bubbles of the scuba divers, but the team is still able to study the behavior of the school. They place underwater cameras in order to study these hammerheads undisturbed. A whale shark, the oceans largest fish, passes by right before the team resurfaces; the schooling of the hammerheads is thought to be a mating ritual.

Credits: Secrets of the Deep (00:31)

Credits: Secrets of the Deep

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On the second leg of this incredible mission, Liz Bonnin and a team of scientific experts set off beneath the waves to explore this spectacular archipelago. It is an exciting opportunity for the team to delve into a world that still largely remains a mystery to science. Venturing down in the Nadir, a specially equipped deep-sea submersible, Liz goes in search of an elusive ocean giant, the mola, or sunfish, to understand more about its little-known behavior in the deep. On the way back to the Alucia, Liz checks in on a playful sea lion population to see how they have been affected by a recent extreme weather event, El Niño. Back on board the Alucia, the team sets sail north for the most remote and inhospitable islands in the Galapagos: Wolf and Darwin. Here, Liz joins the team tagging and tracking hammerhead sharks that school at this location in huge numbers as they try to unlock the secrets of this stunning behavior. But nothing can prepare the Alucia crew for the power of the ocean in this isolated marine wonderland.

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