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Dawn of the Driverless Car: Introduction (03:08)


For years, all cars have been at level zero technology where the driver has control of everything within the vehicle. Developers like Google, Facebook, Intel, and others hope to one day invent the driverless car.

Race Car Driving (04:37)

Learning to drive has been a right of passage which may one day be extinct; most artificial automotive intelligence is used and developed on race tracks. Teena Gade works as a vehicle science engineer at a track.

Future of Racing (03:29)

The Roborace competition hopes to join the Formula E championship and abandon human drivers altogether; the Devbot was created as a prototype for future AI technology. Rex Keen describes the initial discomfort of being unable to touch the controls of a self-driving vehicle.

Driverless Vehicles—Level Two (03:38)

Level two automotive technology involves a car which must be monitored by a driver at all times; the car can take over breaks and steering with human supervision. The amount of lives saved from automotive accidents is the biggest attraction of self-driving vehicles.

Urban Driving Environment (02:41)

Gade is excited about the future of driverless cars and the positive effects they could have on society. Five AI, the brainchild of Stan Boland, aims to create a driverless vehicle for urban environments; cars must be developed with cognitive abilities to navigate urban landscapes.

Driverless Vehicles—Level Three (05:32)

A car with level three technology requires a human driver to take over the controls in emergency situations and is the most problematic level of technology. Wendy Ju studies how people interact with these cars; the driver must pay close attention while the machine is in control.

Machine Learning Development (04:37)

Robots have been developed to eliminate tedious or repetitive tasks historically performed by humans; there has yet to be artificial intelligence technology capable of learning. Peter Abiel gives a presentation of a robot under development that has the capacity to learn.

Modern Artificial Intelligence (06:25)

Machine learning is in the early stages of development; there are artificial neural network systems coined “deep learning.” Yann Lecun describes how a system could not operate without AI and object recognition.

Driverless Vehicles—Level Four (02:30)

Level four means the machine takes over all driving functions within the operation design of the vehicle; this car is capable of safely carting a driver home. Ford claims this type of technology will be widely distributed within the coming decade.

Driverless Vehicles—Level Five (06:30)

A level five car is fully autonomous; it is challenging for engineers to get the car to do more than simply drive. These cars must be seamlessly integrated into an existing city fabric. David Nelson and Danny Shapiro discuss the benefits of having driverless cars in society.

Social Impacts of Modern Technology (01:24)

Vicki Turk discusses the negative impacts driverless cars will have on society as it currently operates; jobs will be eliminated and ethical battles will arise. Machines would be in control of who to favor in the inevitable occurrence of a traffic accident.

Future of Driverless Vehicles (04:40)

During a second visit to the FiveAI car, which is equipped with advanced machine learning, it is clear the technology is not fully developed. Driverless cars could present problems for personal freedom, turning time in the car into more working time.

Credits: Dawn of the Driverless Car (00:43)

Credits: Dawn of the Driverless Car

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The age of artificial intelligence is dawning. In fact, it’s already here—in the guise of the self-driving car. This technology will have a world-changing impact. But how does an AI car see and communicate? Does it really think? Does it have morals? To investigate this complex world of algorithms that will soon be driving us to work, BBC builds its own self-driving car and tours Silicon Valley. Witness the research at the cutting edge of this technological revolution.

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