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Anti-Abortion Camp: Introduction (04:21)


Stacey Dooley always believed in a woman's right to end unplanned pregnancies and enrolled in a two week summer camp on the evils of abortion. Jeff White, the organization's leader, greets her during registration.

Anti-Abortion Camp Begins (04:45)

Dooley speaks to a teenager who is resolutely pro-life. Older team leaders guide the younger students. Dooley watches videos and attends lectures.

Anti-Abortion Camp Attendees (02:34)

Women discuss how they would sacrifice themselves if it meant the end of abortion. Dooley vlogs about her day and her wish that youngsters could make up their own minds.

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust (04:38)

Campers hold a memorial for the pre-born. Jeff calls his group "Survivors" because everyone born after 1973 survived the abortion holocaust.

Anti-abortion Campaigning (07:38)

Campers express nervousness about protesting. The public reacts violently to the graphic signs. Dooley explains that she is pro-choice. Campers confront Dooley about her pro-choice explanation.

Getting More Vocal (04:30)

White wants Dooley to become more vocal. Dooley roleplays a pro-life activist and vlogs about her experiences.

Venice Beach Protest (02:54)

At the next protest, Dooley attempts to stay on message, while not violating her personal beliefs.

Abortion Clinic (04:04)

An angry woman confronts the protesters and feels manipulated. Dooley shares with the other campers how Bonnie felt hostile and disrespected.

Empathy and Sympathy (02:30)

White and Dooley argue about the impact of children at the abortion clinic and the efficacy of White's message. Having an abortion is not an easy choice.

Organizational Philanthropy (04:07)

Ashley adopted a child from a woman who she met outside Planned Parenthood.

Abortion Clinic Vigil (03:03)

White hopes that Dooley realizes pro-life members are not militant or insane. Dooley says goodbye to the campers.

Credits: Anti-Abortion Camp (00:41)

Credits: Anti-Abortion Camp

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Anti-Abortion Camp

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Stacey Dooley travels to California to meet Survivors, one of America's most extreme anti-abortion groups. Learning alongside them in the classroom, before witnessing them preach their pro-life message to both the public and mothers-to-be, can they persuade Stacey to join their controversial campaign?

Length: 47 minutes

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