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Preparing for Dementia (03:38)


In April 2012, Gary Lovell takes an early retirement to spend time with his wife Mandy. He tested positive for the younger onset Alzheimer's disease gene, and hopes a treatment will be developed.

Adjusting to Alzheimer's (05:53)

Brian Fischer suffers from dementia. A former academic, he struggles to make decisions. His wife Heather describes challenges to their relationship as symptoms developed, including uncharacteristic aggression. She is determined to maintain some normalcy in their lives.

Frontotemporal Dementia (04:49)

Suzie O'Sullivan suffers younger onset dementia. She noticed she had trouble remembering words, communicating, and learning new technology; her doctor suspected menopause at first. Degenerative disorders progress at different rates; there is no cure but Susie's condition can be managed.

Caregiving Help (02:33)

Gerry has had younger onset Alzheimer's for seven years. Mandy recently decided to place him in a care facility due to his psychosis and myoclonic jerks. About 25,000 Australians have younger onset dementia.

Dementia Prognosis (04:16)

Gary's psychogeriatrician David Ames discusses his unusual familial onset Alzheimer's disease. Gary has trouble recognizing Mandy. Learn about risk factors.

Living with Dementia Support Group (04:16)

After 11 years of symptoms, Brian's diagnosis has improved his marriage by providing something to work on. He and Heather meet other couples going through a similar process. Research shows that physical exercise lowers the disease risk.

Preparing to Forget the Past (03:46)

Suzie's best friend Nicola Broad was shocked by her dementia diagnosis. She helps Suzie organize photos for a digital memory album for when she cannot remember her children.

Maintaining Friendships with Alzheimer's (02:22)

Mandy helps Gerry prepare for his friend Rodger's visit. Many people find it challenging to visit a nursing home; Rodger wants to maintain their connection.

Familiar Surroundings (01:52)

Mandy brings Gerry home as much as possible; he recognizes their house and garden. She discusses developing non-verbal modes of communication and reflects on the pain of watching her husband suffer.

Losing Independence (02:35)

Brian uses lists to keep track of household chores; on difficult days, he feels fuzzy and unable to perform tasks. Heather reflects on becoming his caregiver. There are currently more than 40 dementia drug trials in Australia.

Living with Uncertainty (01:56)

Suzie immediately told her children about her diagnosis; she may have passed the gene on to them. Her daughter Kate opted not to get tested; she will assume she has the disease and hope for the best.

Alzheimer's Grief (02:14)

Brian enjoys reading to his grandchildren as long as he is able. He has trouble imagining losing cognitive function and being unable to relate to his family.

Staying Optimistic (02:48)

Research shows exercising with others can slow dementia progress; Suzie feels energized by Pilates sessions. Mandy will love and care for Gerry as long as she can.

Credits: Forget Me Not (00:24)

Credits: Forget Me Not

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Dementia is the second biggest cause of death in Australia. More than four-hundred thousand Australians are living with the disease and the figures are rising. Three families have opened their lives to Four Corners to tell their stories about living with Dementia.

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