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What is Asperger's? (01:50)


Sean explains the ways that Asperger's affects his interactions with other people. He began struggling with anxiety as a child.

Growing Up With Asperger's (02:16)

When Sean found out he had Asperger's, he began to develop depression. He had difficulty with sports and social behavior, and was bullied daily.

Discrimination for Being Different (01:21)

Sean found out that his classmates had labelled him a retard because of his condition. He started faking illness to avoid having to go to school. One student stood up for him.

Special Education (01:28)

In high school, Sean took special MID (Mild Intellectual Disability) classes with dedicated teachers. He did better in school, but still faced some bullying due to his poor coordination.

Coping With Bullying (02:16)

Sean began to struggle with depression again, feeling isolated and misunderstood. He was singled out again for harassment by older students, and wanted to drop out.

Living With Asperger's (02:36)

After getting support, he became involved in anti-bullying programs. Sean was selected for a leadership program, and was accepted into college. He hopes to help youth and adults through similar struggles as his own.

What Are Your Thoughts On Sean's Story? (02:40)

Teens reflect on Sean's story and share their own experiences with their peers with Asperger's. They remark on the importance of education and understanding for awareness.

Interacting With Asperger's (02:48)

Dr. Y. Khosroshahi explains the mental health struggles that individuals with Asperger's face due to bullying. He suggests ways to combat discrimination and the impact of standing up to bullies.

Credits: Asperger’s: Sean’s Story (01:26)

Credits: Asperger’s: Sean’s Story

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Asperger’s: Sean’s Story

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From as early as he can remember, Sean had lived with extreme anxiety. As the years went by, he couldn’t connect with other students. He was bullied and could never understand why. A darkness of alienation grew within him and his parents sought help. After years of searching, finally a doctor pinpointed Sean’s mental health issues. He had Asperger’s. Armed with this knowledge and treatment, Sean found his way back in the world and learned how to control his disorder. He now helps younger kids who struggle with this mental health disorder.

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