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Revenge for Rejection (04:12)


Cristina explains how her teenage troubles started when she turned down a boy asking to be her boyfriend. In retaliation, he spread rumors at school that she shared nude pictures of herself online. The rumors and harassment followed her to high school.

Mental Strain of Harassment (02:20)

Groups of girls following Cristina around town and vandalized her house; she became depressed and despondent. Her relationship with her family became strained due to her stress.

Getting Support (03:41)

Cristina was finally able to explain the harassment she was facing to her mother. With help from her parents she got assistance from her school and the police.

Challenge Yourself to Recover (02:21)

At a new high school, Cristina finally got the fresh start she was looking for. She gave herself positive challenges to aim for every day. She reflects on her ordeal and gives advice to seek help as soon as possible.

What Are Your Thoughts on Cristina's Story? (02:04)

Teens reflect on Cristina's story and share their own experiences with cyber bullying and sexual harassment. They consider the culture of sexism that perpetuates sexual cyber bullying.

Effects of Cyberbullying (02:40)

Dr. Y. Khosroshahi explains the damaging consequences of cyberbullying on a person's health. Unfortunately, cyberbullying victims are the most likely to become bullies themselves. He suggests ways for bystanders, bullies, and victims to break the cycle together.

Credits: Social Media Bullying: Cristina’s Story (01:25)

Credits: Social Media Bullying: Cristina’s Story

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Social Media Bullying: Cristina’s Story

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At the age of 13, a boy approached Cristina asking her to be his girlfriend. She declined the boy’s offer and he became angry, threatening that she would regret it. One day Cristina came to school and everyone eyed her every move. Whispers in ears and people laughing at her, she felt something was terribly wrong. A friend finally told her this boy had circulated a nude photo on line saying that it was Cristina although the person’s face was not seen. She was mortified and ran home. She thought that her parents, the school and even the authorities would be able to put a quick stop to it, but she was wrong because online bullying sometimes makes things go on longer. This devastation turned her into a tormented young woman who could not escape the rumors for 7 years. It destroyed her life as a teenager and broke her spirit and ultimately, she did not want to live life anymore.

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