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What is Transgender? (02:28)


David was born as a girl, but wished to be a boy all his childhood. He describes coming out to his family after puberty. Although accepted by his parents, he struggled with anxiety at school.

Coming Out At School (02:27)

In 8th grade, David made the decision to come out publicly, getting a haircut and taking the name "David". Despite this, he struggled with depression and self-harm. His teacher helped him access support networks for LGBT people.

Dealing With Harassment (02:29)

In high school, David faced discrimination and learned how to handle slurs and bullying. He started involving himself in transgender communities, and reaching out to help others.

Your Own Number One Fan (03:22)

David explains the importance of advocating for oneself. He got to know his former bullies and came to understand their own struggles. David offers different ways for other transgender kids to find support.

What Are Your Thoughts On David's Story? (02:28)

Teens reflect on David's story and share their own opinions and experience with LGBT issues. They remark on the importance of support systems.

What Do We Know About Gender? (02:33)

Dr. Y. Khosroshahi explains the circumstances around transgender individuals. He notes that the science of gender and sex is still new, but identifying as another sex is not a mental illness.

Credits: Identifying Transgender: David’s Story (01:12)

Credits: Identifying Transgender: David’s Story

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Identifying Transgender: David’s Story

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As far back as David could remember, he did not identify with being a little girl. He wished he were a boy. Depression and anxiety set in and it just got worse until puberty hit and he could no longer deal with it. He told his parents that he identifies with being a boy and he couldn’t go on any longer. The moment he changed his name to David and decided that he is male, life started making sense. Happiness set in like he had never experienced and with his parents and sisters support, David has finally found comfort in his life choice as transgender.

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