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What is Depression? (02:34)


Depression can happen to anyone with little warning. Brittany describes her childhood, and how she fell into severe depression in her teen years. As she grew up, her relationship with her mother and sister worsened.

Internalizing Negative Thoughts (02:57)

Wanting to please her mother, Brittany took on increased responsibilities. When she went to her mother for guidance, she was called selfish. Brittany turned to weed and alcohol for acceptance and escape.

Sexual Assault (01:51)

At a house party, Brittany was sexually assaulted while unconscious from binge drinking. After attempting suicide, her parents forced her into treatment, but she did not accept it. She pretended to be better, but still hated herself.

Recovering From Depression (04:25)

Brittany self-harmed for the first time after a fight with her friend; she had to be hospitalized and get stitches. After her most supportive friend stepped away, she took the steps she needed to heal. After recovering, Brittany re-established her relationship with her family.

What Are Your Thoughts On Brittany's Story? (02:12)

Teens reflect on Brittany's story and share their perspectives on self-hatred, depression, and family relationships. They consider the importance of reaching out for support.

Why Would Anyone Self-Harm? (02:33)

Dr. Y. Khosroshahi explains that individuals participate in self-harm as a way to feel in control of their situations. He suggests multiple safe ways to manage stress and find support.

Credits: Depression and Self Harm: Brittany’s Story (01:18)

Credits: Depression and Self Harm: Brittany’s Story

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Depression and Self Harm: Brittany’s Story

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At the age 14, following a quarrel with a friend of hers from school, Brittany turned to her mother for comfort. Instead, her mother lashed at her calling her selfish. From that day on, Brittany began to internalize her feelings. Her insecurities grew she turned to drugs and alcohol. At a party with friends from school, her excessive drinking led to sexual abuse. This made things worse. She began to engage in self-harm practice, cutting her arms regularly. The more depressed she got, the worse the self-inflicted harm became until she was hospitalized for it.

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