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What is Anorexia Nervosa? (02:13)


Sterling relates her struggles with eating disorders and self-harm. She describes her pleasant childhood as a young cheerleader who had a good relationship with her sisters.

Sterling Has a Gut (02:19)

When Sterling was 12, a comment from a relative about her belly caused her to become highly self-conscious. She started skipping meals and purging. Despite seeming outwardly happy in high school, Sterling began cutting herself.

Mental Breakdown (03:29)

Sterling was constantly exhausted because her body was starving. When her boyfriend broke up with her, she cut herself until she had to be hospitalized.

Starting the Healing Process (02:20)

Sterling was discharged from the mental health ward, but still needed help to heal. Her mother started taking her to therapy, where she came to terms with the damage her eating disorder had done to her body. Because of her malnutrition, she might never be able to have kids.

Recovering From Anorexia (03:36)

By shifting her focus from starving herself to eating healthily, Sterling was able to break out of her eating disorder. She decided to study exercise science and how to help people be lose weight safely and healthily. Sterling explains that to get better, you have to be personally committed.

What Are Your Thoughts On Sterling's Story? (02:02)

Teens reflect on Lindsay's story and share their own experiences struggling with body image and eating disorders. They consider the importance of changing one's own outlook for recovery.

Causes of Eating Disorders (03:10)

Dr. Y. Khosroshahi explains how negative body image can trigger eating disorders. Body shaming is a major cause of eating disorders and causes serious harm. However, it is possible to completely recover from an eating disorder with help.

Credits: Eating Disorders/Nutrition: Sterling Story (01:17)

Credits: Eating Disorders/Nutrition: Sterling Story

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Depression & Eating Disorder: Sterling's Story

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At the age of 13, Lindsay was a cheerleader and cross country runner. One day her uncle commented that she was getting a roll around her belly. Lindsay became obsessed about her weight. She stopped eating and when she did, she purged. She was losing weight beyond what was normal while still competing and running to the point where she mutilated herself and ending up in an institution. Lindsay was 5’7” and weighed 95 pound. Her body started to shut down. She stopped menstruating and the doctors warned her that she may never be able to have children. Her miraculous recovery is truly an inspiring story to all youth. The moral of this story?—“One small unkind word can have devastating effects on another person’s life”.

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