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What is Anxiety? (04:57)


Anxiety is the body's fight-or-flight reaction in overdrive. Eleanor describes her childhood and how she suffered from anxiety as a result of extensive bullying in school. She describes her symptoms.

Coping With Anxiety (06:23)

Eleanor explains how she uses positive coping tools to overcome anxiety attacks. She describes how her parents' misunderstanding of her anxiety led to tensions at home. When they educated themselves about anxiety and depression, Eleanor was able to communicate with her parents better and succeed in life.

Do You Ever Experience Anxiety or Depression? (02:44)

Teens reflect on Eleanor's story, and share their own experiences with anxiety and depression. They discuss how expectations and social media place immense stress on young people.

How Do I Handle Anxiety? (02:55)

Dr. Y. Khosroshahi explains why coping mechanisms like deep breathing are effective for regulating stress. Anxiety and depression are increasingly common among teens.

Credits: Depression and Anxiety: Eleanor’s Story (01:03)

Credits: Depression and Anxiety: Eleanor’s Story

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Depression and Anxiety: Eleanor’s Story

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Eleanor had a hard time fitting in. She was severely bullied through elementary school. High school wasn’t any different but this time it got a lot worse as she became very depressed and developed paralyzing anxiety to the point where she couldn’t breathe. It was physical pain for her. She wouldn’t be able to enter a room full of people nor could she be touched. Life was unbearable. It took time, support and focus but with therapy and medication, Eleanor blossomed into a happy young woman that now study’s psychology in university and works in an institution assisting troubled youth.

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