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Growing Up in a Traditional Household (02:06)


Eileen describes her troubled childhood. She was sexually abused at a young age, and raised in a strict Chinese family. She never communicated well with her parents.

Facing Abuse (01:37)

Eileen hid her sexual abuse into her adulthood, afraid it would complicate her strained relationship with her parents. When she finally shared it, she was met with disbelief. Eileen withdrew to her room and became depressed.

Pressure in School (01:32)

In high school, Eileen had a very low opinion of herself and her appearance. Despite this, she was considered one of the smartest students in the school. Her parents made her believe she couldn't have fun or she was slacking.

Learning Self-Reliance (02:12)

Eileen turned to motivational videos to inspire herself. She adopted a philosophy of standing up for her own well-being and found a new start. She was able to establish a new relationship with her parents and break her strict upbringing.

Practicing Self Care (02:00)

Although she changed her appearance, Eileen still struggled with self-confidence. Her first two boyfriends were abusive, and she had to learn to stand up for herself in relationships as well. She started pursuing her own interests despite her parents' misgivings.

How Can You Relate To Eileen? (02:22)

Teens reflect on Eileen's story and share their own experiences with strict cultural norms and immigrant parents. They discuss double standards for sons and daughters.

Who Do You Want To Be? (02:30)

Dr. Y. Khosroshahi suggests ways people can learn to establish a positive identity. He explains how Eileen's actions helped her gain self-confidence. He also offers important questions to consider for self-discovery.

Credits: Family Stress and Anxiety: Eileen’s Story (01:06)

Credits: Family Stress and Anxiety: Eileen’s Story

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Stress & Cultural Expectations: Eileen's Story

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Eileen’s family emigrated from China to North America to create a new life for their children. The Chinese family culture and dynamics were important in the household. Eileen found it difficult to fit in with her peers and she was heavily relied upon at home for chores. She was also pushed hard to excel at school and placed in a school for advanced education. Unfortunately at a young age, she was sexually molested and kept it a deep dark secret. Her self-identity would develop into a critical low level of self-esteem and alienation from any social life. High school was a nightmare. She found a message of hope from an unusual source and decided that prior to entering University she’d transform her life with an ultimate spiritual and physical makeover.

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