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Growing Up Gay (01:42)


Joey describes the bullying he experienced at home and at school for being gay. As a young child Joey had a simple childhood across from a Florida beach.

Splitting the Family (01:31)

Joey was closest to his mother and brother growing up. After his mother left, Joey's older brother defended him from school bullies until he graduated. Joey realized he was gay when he hit puberty, and soon the whole school knew, too.

Not a Phase (01:36)

Joey was sure about his sexual orientation by age 13. Even so, he was bullied and harassed on a daily basis at school and home.

Abandoned by Parents (03:20)

Joey's homophobic father verbally and physically abused him for being gay. He only had limited contact with his mother over the phone for support. Although he excelled at stagecraft, no one came to his plays.

Struggling Without Support (02:19)

Although he wanted his dad's respect, Joey could never overcome his father's homophobia. Without parental support, he struggled with mental illness. When medication did not work, Joey took to running as a hobby.

Gay and Happy (01:35)

Joey offers advice to anyone going through the struggles he did. He offers a hopeful story showing that perseverance is rewarded.

What Are Your Thoughts on Joey's Story? (02:08)

Teens reflect on Joey's story and share their own perspectives on LGBTQ acceptance. They comment on the importance of education and exposure.

Being More Accepting (02:43)

Dr. Y. Khosroshahi explains how emotional pain is very similar to physical pain. Emotional pain from a lack of acceptance causes real suffering.

Credits: LGBTQ - Acceptance: Joey’s Story (01:22)

Credits: LGBTQ - Acceptance: Joey’s Story

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LGBTQ - Acceptance: Joey’s Story

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When reaching puberty at the age of 12, Joey was coming to the realization that that he was gay. Within his school and community, Joey felt that he was the on gay teenager. This terrified him. He confided in a “friend” who soon spread the word around school. Joey became the target of bullying and ridicule. Then it happened at home. His father could not accept that his son was gay and abandoned the family. Soon after, his mother abandoned him as well leaving him to live with his “unaccepting” grandparents. He was alone in the world. The only way out, so he thought, was to take his own life. This is Joey’s heartbreaking story.

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